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Sitcoms Set in NY or Chicago


has anyone else noticed on shows like friends, how i met your mother, and etc. the show and characters are in these major cities yet there is rarely a minority ever seen, nevermind a black person, even in the background. i just want to know what fantasy land neighborhoods of these cities these shows are supposed to be in?


On another note....is it just me or are alot of superheros based out of the New York area?
I mean if I were a supervillian...I'd be thinking on trying to get away with crime in another city.


In NYC, the Upper East Side.

Possibly Murray Hill.



Sitcoms are DEAD, 1 maybe 2 exceptions.

Marvel Superheroes are written for NYC. Blame Stan Lee.

DC is made up places that look like NY. Blame not wanting to be sued.


Definitely does not even remotely address the question asked in the OP.



Thanks for the Edit.

Fuck Sitcoms.

That is the answer


I'm pretty sure The League is in the suburbs of Chicago. Winnetka I think.


They're all filmed in LA, probably all studio sets.


I had to get that checked. Indeed, Friends was never shot in NY. Funny.


HIMYM is that same, I didn't know until my friend told me a few weeks back that he'd seen that in LA so we looked it up.