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Sit ups and Hernias


Hey guys,
As many of you do and just as many don’t I recently had double hernia (inguinal) hernia surgery and I’m currently on the comeback trail. I’m making excellent progress and I’m now beginning to repair what I never had done properly in the past. I’m referring to my abdomin and it’s lack of real strength.
I truly believe that was what cause my hernias simply because even though I did a truckload of squats, cleans, power cleans and deadlifts I NEVER trained my abs. Resulting in my double hernia. However, since my body has permitted me I’ve been training quite well for the last five weeks (surgery was 10 weeks ago) and have been hitting my abs twice a week (sore for the rest of the time) but I’m now getting a little worried about possibly getting a hernia in my abdomin also from doing my roman chair situps. Is this possible? I mean, my suspicion rose while I was performing the sit ups two sessions ago and I was totally stretched out (half way through the rep) and my entire abs were flexed yet from my sternum all the way to about 3 inches below my navel was pumped more than the rest of my abs were.
I mean the center of my gut was higher than the rest of my stomach, does this just mean that my abs are really small and need to thicken up or is this a possible hernia coming on if I continue with what I’m doing?

I’m getting kind of freaked out and REALLY don’t want another hernia, does anyone have any professional opinions or advice on this matter? I’d really appreciate hearing anything, positive or negative just to put my mind at ease.


Dennis R


Go immediately to your doctor and inform him of the latest developments!

I agree with Zeb. If you had a double done and you see something weird but the bullet, pay the copay and put your mind at ease.

I CAN tell you that I had an abdominal hernia (upper rectus) left of the midline. My Doc was freaked because after 30 some years and 100s of these he has only seen two of them that place on a male and we were both born with it, a defect if you will.

He said 3/4 of males that develope them get inguinal hernias. The other 1/4 get them right at the midline, a hernia of the connective tissue between the two rectus muscles. Usually caused from a trauma or defect that finally blows during exertion.

The rarity of mine comes from the fact that the hernia would have to work through two muscle wall (posterior and anterior) as well as the muscle itself.

See what the doc says.