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Sister Saw a D.U.M.B.


And it wasn't me!

While having some fun and checking out the some CT stuff, I saw that a D.U.M.B. was located just a few miles from my sister's home. So, I happened to mention that and she told me the following: While driving one of her grandkids to a birthday party out in the middle of the country a few miles from her house, she got lost and took a turn down a road. All of a sudden, she came to a gate and (by her account) at least 7 guys in dress suits appeared. They were all neatly trimmed and looked military. "Ma'am, turn that vehicle around RIGHT NOW and leave this area at once!" She was scared shitless and did as the guy said.

I'm sure this'll elicit some 'remarks' but for anyone who doesn't believe in some of this stuff, a person I trust completely told me an eyewitness account.


Whats a DUMB?

edit: Nevermind, figured it out. Cool.


Is this serious.


Absolutely. And she lives in the middle of nowhere. Having numerous men in suits appear in the middle of the countryside (literal farmland) is what's the strangest of all.

There ARE old mines in those hills. Guess Uncle Sam decided to use them.


What is your point exactly? That some conspiracy theories have some truth. I don't doubt that. That our beloved government does stuff they don't want us to know about? I definitely don't doubt that. That you're makin this whole thing up? I think I probably DO doubt that.


Whatever happened to "loose lips sink ships."?

Have some fucking common sense and shut up.


Its easy to read about all sorts of CT, but to have a family member actually see one (or what was probably one) was interesting to me. It also, to me, lends credance when someone says something about the validity of a CT.

Next time I visit her, guess where I'm going? Hmmm...never to be seen again... XD




I am lazy. Plain English please.


Deep underground military base, like the one where the keep the Stargate.


LOL! Well, there's all kinds of CT about what's in the bases. Who knows? I surmise that they made the bases simply to be a very protected site. Huge old mines have uses and who goes there anyway?

I AM going to check it out when I visit her.


I generally don't give much attention or credence to conspiracy theorists, but I sometimes think about this: imagine the contemporary US government's deepest, darkest secret. I bet it's a doozy.


Why do governments keep secrets?

Because they are always up to no good.

Any government that would claim to want to protect us would never keep information from us. Information can save our lives.

We should be able to know what our government is always up to so that we can determine if their actions will have consequences to us so that we can take defensive action.


Yeah, the US government should have posted schedules of when all the convoys of troop ships were leaving US ports in WWII, what they were carrying, their route and speed, and defensive weaponry.

For that matter, there should have been at least 10 days notice of D-Day given to the Germans, with precise maps of what troops were landing where.

It's only fair!




Lifty, you owe me for a new moron-a-meter for my computer. The needle on my just spun right off.


This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard.


"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."


They should never have gone in the first place.




you know what you are, right?


Its the truest shit you have ever heard.

Governments only keep secrets because they do bad things.