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Sister Goes to Nationals for Karate in 1 Wk


Ok I really need help here because I am not to sure as to what to do.

My sister is currently weighing in at 127.4 pounds and needs to get down to 121 pounds by wed, 7/15/09 and it is 7/8/09 today..

she needed help losing weight so I put her on a low carb/high fat diet about 2 months ago (because she tried low fat diets with little sucess in the past). When she started she weighed around 131. Two weeks ago she weighed around 129 pounds. Little did I know, she was over eating the fats I told her she could have and ended up having way to many total calories, so i think that is why she did not lose that much over that time period.

So two weeks ago I told her she could only have 1200 calories a day (only carbs from veggies every meal). And that wasnt low enough so now i have her eating 3 meals a day, 250 calories a meal, and between meals she has free form bcaas (twice/day). She works out twice a day and still cannot seem to get down to weight.

If you could please give some advice it would be much apprieciated because she is competing in the national karate championship 18+ division and this qualifies for the pan-american championships then the world championships.


By the way she weighs in on wednesday and then competes saturday and sunday, so she has time to recover.


they probably have some sneaky tricks over in the "combat sports" forum as far as quick weight loss goes.


Up her water intake to two gallons for two days before, and then cut out any water the day of the weigh-in. Is her weigh-in the morning or afternoon? If it's in the afternoon then she she'll have time to do some cardio to shed even more water weight.


When i used to compete in Thai Boxing, easy way was to sit in a sauna at the highest heat you can stand the night before, come out every 10-15 mins for 1 minute then go back in, will shed out excess water.

If you don't have access to a sauna then use your bathroom, close the windows put towels under the door and try keep as much heat in as possible. Sit in a bath thats as hot as you can stand it, get out and stick your head out the door when you feel like dogshit and then get back in.

So say cut out water intake at 8pm, start the sauna / bathroom stuff at 9, get below the weight you want and go to bed.

If you feel like dogshit, suck on an ice-cube but try not drink any water.

Afterwards, get some Lucozade / Gatorade anything with glucose in it and horse it back like it was out of fashion. Weight will come back.

Hope she does well :slight_smile:

edit: Only needs to lose 6 pounds that will be EASY lol that trick will drop 15-25lbs depending how long you do it for.

Also don't starve her for weeks before the contest, if you don't compete you have no idea how energy sapping it is there will be no problem with her eating properly breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Just keep the carbs to veggies and the water manipulation will do the rest, let her eat food !


Before photo shoots and competitions I easily drop 5-6 pounds by manipulating water/sodium. I actually have a photo shoot the 13 and 14th so I'm doing this now.

To keep things easy, I would have her eat her bodyweight x 1.5 in protein per day. Eat either asparagus or green beans as neither retains water. She should salt all of her foods and drink 2 gallons of water per day. On the 12th, cut out all sdium, and water goes to 1.5 gallon, 1 gallon the 13th, .5 gallon the 14th.....the day of weigh ins she should sip water as she needs it. It's very important to sip if you're thirsty....you can manipulate your water to a point....but it can be dangerous to overdue, and can hinder performance as well. When rehydrating, even though she'll want to guzzle.....take small sips, as if you just had the flu. Otherwise it can make you sick. This plan works for me everytime.


4 OZ of lean meat 3 times a day with green veggies and 2-3 100 calorie protein shakes. Throw in 4-8 fish oil capsules. 45 minutes steady state cardio half the days and 30 minutes metabolic weight training on other days. Very difficult but it will drop lots of weight in a week. Have her weighed every 2 days in the morning.


thanks for the advice everyone but i just came across another problem. Her sensai feels she needed to eat more fruits so he has her back up to around 1200 cals a day (which will end up being more) eating fruit every meal and between meals. And of course she jumped on his advice like it was key to life because she wants to eat more. I dont know how extra calories and sugar can help stimulate weight loss?


Like we both said, trying to drop actual weight, is a bit silly with so less time.... so just manipulate water as either i outlined or Miss Mg then no need for starvation !


Hot very hot Epsom salt bath the day of weigh in will also suck a ton of water, body builders do this pre-show.


Alwyn Cosgrove and Nick Grantham wrote an e-book on how to make weight for a fight. It gives a very clear and detailed plan of how to drop around 10% of your bodyweight in a week.

Well worth a read.


Her sensai's range of expertise clearly doesn't extend to rapid weight loss. If you have a week, you're not going to experience significant fat loss. She needs to cut water weight, and she can do that by following any of the tips listed above.

Having to cut eight lbs of water when she only weighs 130 lbs won't be fun for her, especially since she's new to it, but it'll be a lesson to not leave things to the last minute.


That's bad.....if she follows his advice, she won't make weight:(