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Sissy Squats

A little while a go we got a sissy squat pad(i guess you they call it that??) in my gym, where it holds your lower leg in place, but most of you guys probably know what Im talking about.

Just wonderin how you guys are loading it up because I’ve past the point where a plate is enough and now Ive moved on to using DB’s. BB’s are out of the question as its in the corner of the gym and there isnt enough room.

The way I do it is holding the DB’s rest them against my legs while standing and as I go down they sort of sit flat on my quads. Then as I come up they return to the resting position. This is the best way Ive found so far, but if a vet or someone with some more experience on it than I do could help me out it would be appreciated.

Cheers bams

ive always seen them done as a high rep finisher not a weighted exercise. do a couple of sets of 20 and you should be toast. or superset them with leg extensions, walking lunges, hacks, and you wont need weight.

saw a video on muscular development of evan centopini supersetting them with heavy hack squats and he was getting sets of 6-10 with bodyweight only.

Thanks dude, Im doin them as a finisher, after all my other leg exercises. Im not supertting them at the moment, only 3x12-15 so I need to find another way to load. So bodyweight isnt an option nor is using plates anymore.

is a bigger dumbbell a problem? If so I guess you could use a weighted vest or rig up some badass chains.

Chains If I had em Id use em for sure. I could be like Branch.YAY!

Well Im using 32.5kgs(like 70lbs??) at the moment and I can use bigger DBs if I need to just thought there might be another way.

I tried them at stallones gym last year(see pic)…his trainer also said…he uses them at the end of the leg workout for high reps to torch the quads…

my gym does not have one…but I have been using the romain chair or decline bench and do a modified sissy squat…