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Sissification of a T-Man

I know I’m gonna catch a lot of flak for this, but that’s what this OT forum is for, right?

Has anyone else noticed the increasing trend of softcore attitude around here? Many of us came here a long time ago because this mag isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the weak. It’s not for the 145 pounders that wanna get shredded. It’s for the hardcore. The name of the friggin thing is “Testosterone” for crying out loud.

I’m not trying to scream that T-Mag has gone or is going mainstream, because I don’t think it’s an intentional thing, and I think they are still far from mainstream. I do however have a problem with the complete lack of Testosterone around here.

This is a place where men can be men, and the women and sissies that aren’t comfortable with it, aren’t cut out to be here. This is a place where science is the underlying theme behind the training and advice, without having to dumb everything down.

I just think the general attitude has changed around here for the worse and it frustrates me. We’re men dammit!


The biggest mistake you made is the most common made by everyone!

A) The opinions/direction of the forum do not reflect the opinions/direction of the magazine!!! I’ve been reading this forum since it went live as a single board (4 yrs. ago?) and seen this type of thing so many times before. Who are we to think that just because we post on Testosterone’s board that we represent TMag?

Ultimately, this forum is just a small part of TMag, and we as participants are the ones responsible for the attitude/tone of it.

B) 145!? Who are you to say who’s hardcore and who’s not? BigConan is that you!? Most people I know who claim to be hardcore are over 25 with no degree, no career, no future, work jobs with high school kids and live with their parents, the only thing they have going for them is their juiced up physiques, not really what I call hardcore! So what if a guy is a newb, man I started working with a guy a few months back who knew nothing, he’s the hardest core guy I know now (by my defenition).


The overall tone/attitude of the forum has been a bit softcore as of late, but that’s OUR fault, not TMag’s.

If you don’t like a thread, ignore it, don’t BUMP it constantly with degrading comments, additionally, if you don’t like something don’t read it… why don’t you start a participation rules thread or something that we can refer future people to?

…just a few thoughts…

We’re men dammit!

Just out of curiosity, Merlin, what is your definition of a man?

Seems more like its the IQ that’s getting soft, more than the attitude.

Agathos: I didn’t say there was anything wrong with not weighing very much. I meant there are a lot of lightweights around that think they need to lose BF%. Your other points do bear some merit, though.

As for my definition of a man? That’s easy. The quick answer: It’s a guy that embraces masculinity and apologizes for nothing.

i agree 100%. these forums have become increasingly less hardcore. i tried to fight it at first, but there is nothing that you can do about it.

the t/n forum has basically become just a place for newbies to ask the same questions over and over. i really think we need a seperate newbie board.

i miss the days of the in depth, technical discussion with guys like vain68, and timbo. i would love to start such discussions myself, but i simply do not have the knowledge of those guys.

there also seems to be a move away from aas discussion. it seems like most people are opposed to the usage as a whole. even before i began to dabble in aas usage i still enjoyed reading and learning about it.

i really wish we could get back to the old days of hardcore training, nutrition, and supplementation.

I agree with the IQ comment. Most definitely.

P-DOG, didn’t you say that you were all natural on another thread recently…? Just curious.

“I really wish we could get back to the old days of hardcore training, nutrition, and supplementation.”

Easy enough. Let’s start asking hardcore training, nutrition, and supplementation questions. Sissies need not apply!

Robert Paulson: “We’re still men.”

Tyler(Edward Norton)Durden: “Yes, men is what we are.”

-Fight Club

I kinda agree…with that fucking rabbit

P-dog said he was doing a particular type of training without the use of aas.

Increasing growth of forum participants with low I.Q.'s.

Yes, that’s more of the issue.

Hey we can act like men… as long as we don’t offend anyone.

Not to be controversial or anything, but I have it on authority from the world’s greatest philosopher, who just came back on the air today after 5 weeks in drug rehab, that it is a well planned out attempt at world domination by the fudge packers. It’s gonna be an ass whipping fight to the last boner, no doubt about it. T men, get ready to defend your right to grope and wage war on the wienie waggers.

I’m still waiting for a good definition of hardcore and what it is to be a man. “a guy who embraces masculinity and apologizes for nothing”’ leaves much to be desired in terms of defining a man.
As Patricia and Char-dawg mentioned,the one thing that has noticeably changed around here is the drop in IQ points over the last year.

As a T-vixen who appreciates T-men in all their glory…don’t be knockin’ on us vixens! Or I’ll challenge you to a deadlift competition :wink:
It ain’t all about the poundage. 145 and shredded may be small to a six foot guy…but not to a five nothing woman. It’s all relative, if you’ll pardon the cliche. Plus, if you’re someone new starting out, you just plain don’t know and that might seem “softcore” to someone who has been lifting for several years but it’s not a reason to decry their lack of knowledge.

Stop attacking me for my low IQ!

I thought this was a web site dedicated to educating people on proper training and nutrition. Not a place for ego- maniacal muscle heads to push around the smaller and less educated. Then again maybe its just me…

Hey, I’m 145 and want to be shredded!

So is it a lowering of the IQ because we’ve had a bunch of stupid people join lately… or is it just lower because we’ve had a lot of great contributes leave? One that comes to mind for me is Mufasa.