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Siri vs. Brozek Equation to Convert Db to %BF

I just got an email from somebody who noticed a slight discrepancy between his body fat calculations from my listed equations and from the enforcergraphics site.

My equation to convert Db to %BF was the 1963 Brozek equation. It is:

%BF = [(4.57/Db) - 4.142] * 100

Enforcergraphics uses the 1956 Siri equation. It is:

%BF = [(4.95/Db) - 4.5] * 100

You can use either equation, just make sure to ALWAYS use one or the other. Don't switch between the two.

Sorry for the confusion. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Just bumping it back up to make sure everybody can see the post who is interested.

Jason, Thanks for clearing up the confusion on the formula. Like you stated, just be consistent for the simple purpose of record keeping and judging progress. Thanks again for clearing this up.