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Sipping on Glutamine All Day?


Any value in doing this?


ive read it helps keep the body alkaline, which is never a bad thing.

also, glutamine decanate is a muscle meds product, which kai is sponsored by, so it could just be a plug to get his followers to stock up on the stuff.


I use it for gut health.

Countless articles on this site alone. Read and make up your own mind.


I've heard it's usefulness w/ respect to gut health. I've also heard it used as a remedy for people who get chronically sick from intense weight lifting.

But to increase anabolism or give you an anabolic edge or whatever Kai's talking about?


I don`t care if he gained 100 lbs standing on his head.

I make up my own mind on what goes into my body.

Anabolic edge..... Really?

Even if CT said it was better the steroids, I would still read up on it and make up my own mind.


I actually read something on Poliquins site in which he uses a dosage for 80 grams for like a week and people report some solid muscle gain from that. I just used a high dose yesterday because I felt I was coming down with a cold. Today, no cold symptoms at all. I have been using airborne and Zinc spray so not 100% sure what was the cure. I used to hear Glut was a shit product. Then I started hearing people say no for gut health and for post workout its great.


Never take advice from a guy who simulated intercourse with citrus fruit...


i see quite a few big boys over at other forums who recommend 20 grams PWO and report quicker recovery