Sipping on BCAAs?


I find it very very hard to drink enough water and wondered if it would be bad to sip on bcaas? I can imagine that since it spikes insulin that it might not be a good idea to sip on constantly? - Otherwise how do you guys get you water in?

Lemon+water+a little vinegar = delicious

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On contest prep currently, so is my wife, we put 2 scoops of BCAA’s in our gallon jugs every day, there is most certainly nothing wrong with sipping BCAAs for flavor and a little extra “muscle insurance.”

OKay so nothing bad about sipping on bcaa s constantly? Other than price

Correct, no problem whatsoever, I’ve been doing it for years and I know a good amount of people who do the same. I have 2 scoops during my workout, and 2 scoops throughout the day in my gallon jug, 4 scoops a day total. Not sure which BCAA’s you’re using, just make sure there aren’t any ingredients in there that you wouldn’t want to get too much of. Some BCAA’s add other fillers besides the basics.

thx man, yeh Im using some only containing Leucine valine Iso-leucine

Apple Cider vinegar or just regular?

I like apple cider vinegar.

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There’s no problem with sipping on BCAA’s. It can also help minimize cravings while dieting. Water enhancers with electrolytes are also a good idea if you’re looking for some different flavors to add to the bcaa’s

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Curious if you could make a recommendation on good BCAAs? I’ve used various brands and the only stipulation I look for is 2:1:1 leucine, ISO-leucine,valine…

That’s a great idea, going to begin doing that myself!

I drink about 2 gallons of water a day. Idk why but im thirsty conatantly . anyway. BCAAs should be taken while you work out. If you are on a off day then add a scoop to a half gallon and sip throught the day. Buy a gallon of water and make it a goal to finish it. To many people arent hydrating their bodies. You need it especially if youre working out a lot.