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Sippin Protein During Workout ?


Hey, whats everybody's thoughts on sipping protein during your workout? im gonna give it a try today, just wondering what you guys think about it, and how many of you do the same.


I've heard a few times on this site that sipping whey/Surge during a workout is a good thing. Seems like it would makes sense as far as keeping blood amino's high, so I don't see why not.


Wont do that again, felt like i had the worst dry mouth of all time.


I do it and wont turn back now. Keeps my intensity much higher. But you have to find what works for you. some people hate it.



I sip on BCAAs


Do you noticed a difference by using them? What dose do you use?


I mix up some Surge (I need more,) take a sip before I work out, then after about a third of my workout is over I start sipping, switching between that and water so I end up with about half of it gone by the end of my workout. Then I throw in 5g creatine, and chug the rest.


I read years ago in a writing by Arnold to start sipping protein halfway thru a workout, and I have ever since. It works for me. I use an isolate protein with bcaa's during workout and Surge immeadiately after. I honestly believe this has helped me make solid gains.


Thanks for letting us know it works for you. But why halfway through the workout, why not right from the start? Have you tried it from the start? Also, what doses are you using? I'm guessing 25g's whey and 20-40g's of BCAA's in maybe 3/4 to a litre of water?

I have Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and don't recall him saying anything about this practice.


My encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding is autographed.

It was in his M&F column many years ago. I use 40 grams of whey, with bcaa's added. I feel that the muscles should be worked a little before hitting them with the protein and bcaa. This is just my preference, I dont have any scientific data to back it up other than how it makes me feel.


There are several reasons why this is a sub-optimal practice for recovery, performance, and hypertrophy. Of course, if the drink is dilute enough it shouldn't hurt acute performance.

I go into all 3 reasons against in the FAQ section of the Anabolic Index Optimized Nutrition Manual (and of course show you the optimal plan).


Is this manual online here on this site or is this the one that is not yet available?


That absolutely rules.

So i'm guessing you notice a very pronounced difference? Have you tried the whey without the added BCAA's?


that would I beleive be the one thats in the works for EVER now. :slight_smile:

And frankly Dave. Hey this works for me so take that LOL.

I Mix my Surge very dillute 2 scoops in 32 oz water. I slam half that about 15 mins prior to training. Then refill the 32 oz container which further dillutes the Surge and drink that during my w/o.

This seems awesome for me. I get energy from the start, blood aminos are high and the extra dillute version during is enough to keep me from having a blood sugar crash during or prior to the end of my training.

Looking forward to the book, are you ever going to give us a time table or just talk about it a few more years:)



My whey is pre-mixed with BCAA's so I have never tried it without them.


well whey in and of itself should naturally have some BCAA's so many compaines state that like they are doin g something special for you causing you to pay more.

Surge however has BCAA"s added above and beyond that naturally found.

Just a lil useless fact.


I drink gatorade and protein throughout my woprkout. Been doing it for about 2 years. 1st time I did it noticed I had a lot more energy and strength towards the end when I'm usually out of gas. I use a 2-1 carb to pro ratio.


Charles Poliquin states you should have no less than 20g, but suggests around 40g. I take 24g which is 3 scoops of my Glutamine Select w/BCAAs

My recovery has gone up, and I have been adding LBM while on a restricted low-carb diet.


The Anabolic Index Optimized Nutrition Manual will be available in August-September.


Tell me about it.

Your [sic] wrong. (that will make more sense after my next article)

I deserve that. But I'm really working on it now and it's going very well. I just met with the graphic designer last night and am seeing the editor in person tonight.