Sinus problems

I know this does not sound like a bodybuilding problem but it is for me. All the hardgainer info I read and other advice I read dairy plays a big part in gaining weight. Drink milk or have a protein shake but every time I have alot of dairy products I have problems with sinusus (nasal congestion). I’m not going to give up dairy because of the bodybuilding benefits but I was curious if anyone else noticed the same thing. I also was reading in eat right for your type that dairy should be avoided by some blood types such as because dairy increases mucous production. Any thoughts.

Yep, Ive got the same issues. Plus Im lactose intolerant. This has led me to consume minimal dairy product. I use lactaid milk occasionally in protein shakes. Also I eat 1 cup of cottage cheese 3-4 times per week. With this minimal intake, the mucous has been minimized. There seems to be a threshold for me. I can get away with so much and then any more is a nightmare. Milk can cause alot of problems in individuals from GI stuff to mucous production, to allergic reactions. Although good stuff if you can tolerate, there is no need to if you cant. You dont have to consume alot of dairy to make good bodybuilding progress.

I agree john. I think Dan Duchaine said it best. While casein is good, it does not warrant a lot of attention. I know science is changing, but I still go along with what Dan said. I know the following will be nitpicky, but it just shows how variety is king. Diet of 30% protein with the following breakdown. 30% whey (about 60 grams based on 200 grams of protein daily), 25% egg white (50 grams), casein 20% (40 grams), meat and fish 20% (40 grams), miscellaneous vegetable proteins 5% (10 grams).
Of course Dan did also say that if you stick to this type of variety, you could get away with less protein. You would base your protein off of lean weight. So a 200lb bodybuilder with 15% bodyfat would need 170 protein. Just some useless information for some, gold for others.

Thanks Mr Berardi and Bodz.I will limit my dairy to protein shakes after a workout and cottage cheese a 3-4 times a week before bed and get the rest of protein from other sources.