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Singlets for Meets


I am looking at buying a lifting singlet (suit) as the minimum attire requirement for a meet. I competed in my first meet a few weeks ago and had to borrow a singlet from a wrestler.

I was looking at the ones from Inzer. My problem is with the sizing. I am about 6'4" and weigh about 195lb.

The one I borrowed was an XXL and is was (if anything) a bit short but is was very loose around the waist area.

I see sizing of the Inzer singlets is based on weight. So based on my weight it says I should get and XL but I'm worried this would be to short.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get a singlet and the size I would need.

Will I have the same problem if/when I eventually get a squat suit etc?


I know Elitefts sells Metal singlets. Call up inzer/elite and ask them about it, both places are usually very knowledgeable about their products.


You might want to try an adidas response wrestling singlet. Legs are a bit longer than the inzer singlet and it's tapered at the waist so it fits a bit snugger. Around the middle.


Houseofpain sells singlets as well...


www.dynamic-eleiko.com has the adidas weightlifting singlets. most of my team has them and they like em'.