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Singlet Question


Hey all, I did a google search and only one response was from this forum, and other responses from other forums were also unclear. I'm looking to possibly do a meet in November if my knee holds up for the next few months(strained MCL from axle continental cleans in December). I'm going to get a pair of wrestling shoes for deads and weightlifting shoes, as I'm not a fan of chucks, and my NB minimus even though flat and relatively little soles are still running shoes, AND a lace eyelet broke. I was wondering about the singlet. I found both shoes on dicks sporting goods website, and they have wrestling singlets there too, so figured I can do it all in one purchase next month.

I'll be doing a meet in the APA in NW FL, and as far as I can tell, APA states weightlifting or wrestling singlet. Not sure of the difference in fit or comfort or material between the 2. I know there is about a $5-7 difference between Inzer and the low end singlet on dick's, factor free shipping for Dick's if they still have it at the time of purchase and it's about even. Should I just get the inzer singlet or will a wrestling singlet be fine?



Pretty sure the inzer singlet is a wrestling single with inzer printed on the front. i have one and the tag on the inside says “mat man”


[quote]thehooliganmel wrote:
Pretty sure the inzer singlet is a wrestling single with inzer printed on the front. i have one and the tag on the inside says “mat man”[/quote]

That is correct. I wrestled in high school, and when I started powerlifting I was excited to get a new ‘powerlifting’ singlet. Not so excited when I paid for the same thing I was wrestling in. It was cool to have Inzer printed on the front, though.


I have a couple Asics singlets and they work just fine. got one 45 bux shipped on amazon. They do run small though. I lift 198 and wear a 2xl.


I would recommend trying one on if you can. This is more important if you’re over 6ft. I had to learn this the hard way. I got a singlet based on the size inzer recommended. Too short. Got one from Titan and ordered one size bigger than recommended. Still too short. Finally went to a local store that sold singlets and got one that fit without excessive moose knuckle.


I strongly advise to get a singlet from andersonpowerlifting. They are made of a super-thick spandex material that stretches about 300% and holds up very well for years. The legs are longer, like boxer briefs. The material allows for fitting those of average height to quite tall without compromising fit. Way better than the nut-hugger Matman brand from Inzer. They do run small, so get one size larger than you would normally wear.