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Singlet Question


Right now I have a singlet from Werksan. It is more of a wrestling singlet than a weightlifting singlet in that it shows a bit more skin around the upper body, but instead of buying another more covered singlet from Dynamic Eleiko, is there somewhere I can buy a sleeved singlet? I've been looking but can't find anything.

Also, I was thinking about using a black compression shirt under the singlet I have now, which would save money. But I'm thinking an Under Armour shirt might let the bar slip in the rack position or something. Any ideas on this, i.e. specific brands/material that works well?


mankini is going to be my new aerodynamic suit mate.



I feel much more comfortable with my arms covered so I wear a plain black underarmour compression shirt under my addias w8lifter suit. Never had a problem with the clean slipping but the suit already coveres quite a lot of the shoulder/chest area. If you do have a problem with bar not gripping in the rack position take a block of chalk and run it along your shoulders and chest. Lots of international lifters do this anyway.




www.nerlinger.com has some.

Dont know if its worth the shipping tho. Dont know about the sizes either.



I'm going to get some mankini training videos to show the added benefit of training in a new aerodynamic suit. If works for swimmers so it'll work for me!



Mmmmm, mankini + superheavyweight....

Anyways, thanks guys, I'll try the compression shirt.


I've found that even with a compression shirt on for the C&J that if I've got a good sweat going a little chalk across my upper chest and shoulders keeps it in place.


Risto sells singlets with sleeves.


Where? I went on their site and they only had one singlet, and it was real ugly looking.


meh.... I don't mind using the weightlifting/wrestling singlet.

When its chilly in the warm up area wear a shirt over it. When doing a clean & jerk just chalk up the shoulders and clavicles.


Dude, I told you my advice, now take the f0cking advice!



Are compression shirts allowed or do they count as assistive?


I ask because I've been training in this stuff:


But I guess I thought it would count as assistive for comps.


Compression shirts are fine. They didn't say anything to me today.

But they did tell me to put tape over my bleeding shin. :stuck_out_tongue: