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Singlet Options?


Hello strong ladies!

My girlfriend is going to be doing her FIRST powerlifting meet in a few weeks!!

I'm so proud.

But she needs a singlet...and doesn't want the SAME BLACK one I have from Elite Fitness..

What have you ladies got for information? I really can't find anything online right now..


I've got a red one that I never use, I think it is size medium, if she wants it.


Mines just a plain black one with white piping from Inzer and it fits well.

When you say the same black one as you do you mean the same style or the same singlet. You two could swap between flights.


haha; no no....i'm 210 she's 90...

i only knew of the one that is for sale on elite fitness.....

she needs a tiny one. maybe a kids one.


That's romantic! I should tell the new freshman on our team that we'll be sharing a singlet. Then I'll rub horse linament on my SI joint and wink at him.



4 colors to choose from


more options here



That's what the guys on my team told me. I thought the belt was to hold it on. You mean I've been had. Damn.


Thanks C-Pierce!