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Singles For Strength

I was wondering if anyone had any links to good programs incorporating single rep training, or if they could list the workouts they use that have had success. I know its been covered before but i cant find the links for the actual workouts themselves for some reason


Check out “singles club” by Chad Waterbury.

I am currently doing an all singles routine right now. Finished my first week last week. I’m doing another 2-3 weeks of this than I’ll put in the results from it I got. So far, to early to tell.

But my routine is kinda odd. I made it up myself using roughly my 3 max rep weight and doing 4 sets of 7 singles with re-racks for a 10-second rest between singles on all the major lifts.

Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Incline Bench Press, Military Press, Rear Deadlift, Bentover Row, Decline Bench press, Stiff-Leg Deadlift & the Power Clean.

Singles, single partial reps, and supra-max holds are a great way to get your nervous system accustomed to handling heavier weight.

GHF and HOV are right. Here’s what I’ve used before:

Military Press

Warm up

Static Holds 120% 1RM for 5 to 10 sec. again at 130% and 140%.

I Hit 5 reps at 80-90% of my 1RM. (If this is your first time you may need to play with the numbers to assess your physical and mental responses. Beware, this is intense work) - rest 10 secs. Another 2 reps. Rest 10 secs. 1 last rep. That’s my first set.

Now I’ve hit 8 reps in the set. I will go for two more sets OR I will just go for singles where I lift, rest for 10, lift, rest for 10 and repeat that until I have the goal number, say 24 singles or whatever.

You will be in pain and you will love it. Keep us posted on your progress!

Iron and Pain

[quote]JustDrag wrote:
Iron and Pain[/quote]

I’m liking this one JustDrag… that’s me right there. Especially the pain part. I’m always hurtin’… but that’s because I’m a go heavy fool.

“lightweight!!” I don’t use Ronnie’s war cry… instead I use anger and think about people I want to fuck up!

Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik.

thanks for the tips!

go heavy let me know of your results, ur program sounds intriguing, especially for making it on ur own.

just drag: how do you perform those static holds, do you just raise the bar off the rack and hold it? thanks, ive actually never heard of these before but i think im gonna give them a go

also, GO HEAVY, do u hit each of the major muscles 2x a week?

[quote]Bootsie wrote:
also, GO HEAVY, do u hit each of the major muscles 2x a week?[/quote]

I did all 10 of those exercises for 4 sets each spread throught 4 workouts.

So Chest I hit 3 times. Legs probably every workout. Back 2-3 times. And shoulders twice I think. I did my calve routine last night… but the way I set mine up, my calves were still sore from last tuesday. I also did one forearm routine too.

My routine and the exercises that I used are in my blog.