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Singles for Muscle?

[quote]rbpowerhouse wrote:
Sorry to the OP for continuing the hijack, but you’ll observe there’s barely a handful of Indian and pakistani guys on this forum. The bulk (no pun intended) usually fall neatly between the ecto and endo types (or combinations thereof) and prefer cardio to weights. Getting big is an alien concept there. \end{hijack}

Sorry OP. Yea… not many brown ppl want to be huge, except me. Im pakistani, and although everyone tell me thats being massive is not good, i still aim for it. Most of my cousins are just lifting to get the “scrawny model” body.

Back on topic. Can singles be dangerous? Just a while back i shrugged 185lb for 3 reps (i can do more reps, but i felt a pop so i stopped) and i strained a trap. Do i have to be like, really careful when doing singles?

If I am to ever say something about singles, is that they work for size, as long as you are going to do a shitload of them per workout, and couple it with a high-repo exercise for the innervation effect combined with the blood flow congestion for hypertrophy…anything less than 100 reps is not going to ever get you pumped even if you shot steroids into the muscle and shocked it with a cattle prod, you won’t feel neither a pump nor get hypertrophy otu of it even if you are recruiting a bunch of fibers. But that’s not my opinion, it’s a time-proven effect.

Now, try something simple: 100 heavy reps per session…either done on singles or 5-rep sets, just don’t go above 5-rep sets and keep the time between sets fairly low…it will work, it has worked a lot before, and after those 100 reps, try getting 2-3 sets maximal reps with isolation exercises and then just stretch and do some shadow boxing or hit the sandbag for tone, with arms straight.

Vandal__Savage is…um…joking. Yeah, I hit a sandbag with my arms straight all the time, and blood flow congestion is VERY important. Especially for hypertrophy of the heart and arteries.

Most people have crap form for shrugs. They hunch the head forward, rotate their shoulders inward, cheat (which is okay IF you know you’re doing it but most don’t) and possibly even move their shoulders around in circles while doing it - an extremely unnatural movement. That’s like rolling your head in circles when you’re doing chins or something, it’s unnecessary and stupid.

So no offense, but if you did any of the above stuff then it might be why. If you have an unbalanced routine (push-pull wise etc) that could also lead to an injury at a random time during the workout. All else aside, don’t try to literally max out on exercises like curls, shrugs, lateral raises, etc, and you will be fine doing singles on most any exercise.

Ok, truth is, I was NOT joking…see one exercise we do for the chest muscles, responsable for the hook in boxing, is to bend the arms a little, wrap a band around the elbow, and this band is connected to a rubber band or even a pulley station.

Think of it this way: I go to the cable crossover station, being it that the resistance is at the same height of my shoulders or lower, and then I hit the sandbag with both arms at the same time, like a flye, arms straight, pulling from the elbows to squeeze the pectoral muscles.

I can tell you that this has allowed me to beat a lot of guys with a punch that kenpo guys call “crushing/hooking wings” and which is very damaging on a long-range fight. It develops the muscles responsable for bringing the arm forwards, the pectoral, coracobrachialis, and the frontal deltoids as well as the rorator cuff like nothing else, try it on for size once.

Fair enough. I thought you were BSing, but if your English is secondary to your Spanish I can see how you would be serious. Your talk about “blood flow congestion” and the like had me confused.

Well singles helped me to get from a 95kg bench to a 100kg bench in 3 weeks.

started by doing 10 singles at 90kg then progressed to 92.5 and then 95.

since it builds strength you should be able to use heavier weights later on with your “bodybuilding type of reps”. I guese evrything I just said have been said, but yeh, it works.

Another point I forgot to mention, is that you can structure them in “cluster” or “Rest-pause” type sets. Like do a single, wait 5 seconds, do another, etc…for a given number of reps. That’s one “set,” then you rest a minute or two and do another “set.”