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Singles? Doubles? Triples? Deadlifts and Squats..

I’ve always done squats, off and on with deadlifts…

Started seeing and hearing people use the terms “singles” “doubles” and “triples” to describe workout routines for these excercises. I’m assuming they are powerlifting terms to mean how many times you do the weight in one set… but can someone please clarify for me?

Also, I’m doing a 5x5 OVT routine, so for deadlifts… would I be doing “quints” ? lol… Seriously though, on DL’s and Squats… should I be doing less reps, higher weight? I can do 225+ on squats for 5+ reps, should I bump it up to 245x3 for max mass gain?

Someone please clarify… thanks guys…

Singles - 1 Rep, close to if not your 1RM.
Doubles - 2 Reps, about 85-90% of your 1RM
Triples - 3 Reps, 80-85% of your 1RM

As far as your routine right now is, it sort of depends on how well your body is adjusting. If everything’s alright, then stick with it. If you’re not seeing any results and have been on the program for a while, try out a heavier load with less reps, it helps a lot with strength, which will in turn help a lot for size.


Personally I rarely will do more than triples when doing dead lifts because I find my form falls apart. In reality, any rep after the first in a dead lift is different because you are not truely trying to get it off the floor. I actually read an article somewhere in here by Tate that said all dead lifts should be done in singles for this reason. If not, you should actually set the weight down and pause a second before the next rep.

For me, if I want more volume I just do more sets. For instance, Monday I did 10 sets of 1 with 90 second breaks between sets.

Once I get up to my working sets on deadlifts, I never do more then triples also. I find it easier to maintain good form with a couple heavy reps than a lot of lighter reps. Squats and bench are different though…not as hard to keep form good imo.

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