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Singles club rules the earth!

Thank you Sir Waterbury!
I tried your singles program on lat pull ups,with 70lbs load on a belt and on dumbell military presses dumbel curls and the ab-wheell ( no knees on the floor, going all the way down parallel to the floor).

I did it on a two week mag-10 cycle.

Woooow! I had to make a double take and it was awesome… the size of my lats! I have to believe it because it is in the mirror! Incredible… and the abs gained almost overnight separation and smaller parts on the sides appeared for a super sculpted look like the guys on the magazines. Very amazing program.

But beware of overtraining! It REALLY makes you deeply sore for 3 to 4 days and you feel the need for the lighter days just out of sheer soreness.

An incredible program and about 5 lbs of muscle gain… and without getting fat thanks to mag10!

I highly recommend this program. Very different feel as you dont get exhausted form multiple reps and you dont feel like you are doing as much work untill the 1oth rep or so but you will feel it the next day or even before. The size gains are compounded by amazing muscle separation as a very cool bonus, which makes you look even more muscular.

Thanks for the feedback!

I hope more trainees will give this program a shot because it’s very effective.