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Singles Club Queston?

Coach Waterbury,

I plan on doing the Singles club workout in a few weeks. On the days I do singles is it okay to split the workout into two sessions (morning and evening) if I am short on time?

Below is part of the Singles club routine I plan on doing.

Day 1 Hypertrophy Strength singles

Hack Squats or Step ups or Lunges (undecided, but it has to be something I can do without a squat rack)
Romanian DLs

Day 2 cardio

Day 3 Endurance/Hypertropy strength

Hang snatches/DB bench
BB Curl/Skull Crushers

Day 4 Endurance/Hypertrophy strength

Deadlifts or Sumo Deadlifts (undecided)

Leg curls/ weighted crunches

Day 5 cardio

Day 6 Hypertrophy Strength Singles

15-20 degree Incline bench

bent row with supinated grip

overhead press

Day 7 Off

Day 8 repeat cycle

I took out the calf work because I like to abbreviate my routines whenever possible. I took out chins and dips because I don’t have the apparatus to do these exercises.

Do you think the substitutions I made are okay?

Thanks for your time.

Choose hack squats for Day 1.

Yes, the substitutions are fine, and yes you can split up the workouts into two sessions each day with the original parameters cut in half for each workout. I think that’s what you’re referring to.

Thanks Coach. I appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule.