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Singles Club & High Rep Work


Hi all,

First time poster here, i posted this message on another forum but didnt really get a good response, so i though id try here since this is where i originally read the article:)

For those that dont know im refering to the singles program whereby you work in single reps with minute rests (e.g 14 sets at 1 rep)

What im wondering is what would be the best way to periodize for this program, I read its a good idea to include some high rep work aswell since you'll be putting additional stress on your joints with all those singles, so i was thinking of something like this:

Push/pull/legs and either:

Push (3 compound excersises) singles (1 x 14) 1 min rest

Pull (As above)

Legs (high rep work, 4 excersises) 3 x 18. 90 sec rest

The following week you would then swap the high rep work for push or pull and obviously alternate each week. I will also increase the singles for an extra set, so week two would be 1 x 15, week 3 1 x 16 and so on.

OR would it be better to do singles for all three days 1 week and then the following week do high rep work and alterate it this way?

Any advice is welcome :slightly_smiling:


Sounds like what Chad wrote in the article. Why don't you just do what he says to do?


Well I could but if I remember correctly his routine was working out 4 days a week and some of the excersizes he does involved equipment I have no access to (i workout at home) and my timescale doesnt permit me to work out 4 days a week so I had to modify it somewhat, just seeing how would be best to periodize for the high rep work.


I guess you could do upper, lower, upper one week and lower upper, lower the next. I guess you could incorparte both single and higher reps in the same workout.


you could try doing 1 push, pull, lower movement each workout, then alternate movements and do some higher rep work later in the week

IE 15 singles bench press
15 singles weighted chinning
15 singles front squat

then do some other shit next time, you could even call DL back work then you could do 15 singles of DL and 15 singles of squating in the same session. Then 15 singles for push press.


Thanks for the advice guys :slightly_smiling: