Singles and More Singles

I’ve recently done CW’s Singles Club and Mike Mahler’s Rest Pause Training workouts and had great success.

Are there any other singles only protocols that you’ve found to work well?

I recall Mike Mahler also suggesting workouts consisting of 6-7 sets of 1 for each exercise with one minute breaks at 70% of 1RM. Would that work with full body workouts three times a week with 3-4 exercises per workout or would the volume be too low?

Yes, Steve Justa’s single program works well.

Take 70% off your one rep max and do singles daily.

Monday: 3
Tuesday: 5
Wed: 7
Thur: 9
Fri: 11
Sat: 13
Sun: 15

Increase the weight by 5lbs the following week. Once a month max out and start with 70% again.

I find that taking two days off is better. So skip day one and day two of the just program and start with 7 reps on day one. Then take 2 days off and do another cycle.

You can do the program for entire body but will have to drop isolation work. Stick to compound movents such as Squats, stiff legged deadlifts, rows, presses, pull-ups etc

Mike Mahler

Thanks Mike…What are your thoughts on using the rest pause method with 3 full body workouts (3-4 exercises of 10 singles each per workout) a week as opposed to alternating upper and lower body?

In addition, since the changing rest periods act as a sort of periodisation, would it be a good idea to continue with the routine for more than the recommended 5 weeks?