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singles and dino training

I was thiniking about trying a 100 rep work out that i saw in the dino files, just for a little varity. Basically it calls for doing 100 reps of an exercise with 30-60 sec. breaks in between.
Has anyone tried this? and is it worth giving a shot? I was thinking about doing deadlift walks.



I tried this about four years ago. I have only one cautionary tip for you: make sure to start out with a weight that is considerably less than your three rep max.

I did this with the Clean & Press and had to lower the weight a few times to get to 100. It was grueling and I was sore for about four or five days. Also, make sure that you have pen and paper close by to mark your all of your reps. I used slash marks. Four with the fifth one through the middle.

What execise are you going to try this with? If you decide to do it, let me know how you make out.

Good Luck!


I was thinking about doing waterbury walks or some sort of complex movement (ft squat in to a push press). Sound good?

I love the idea of doing a front squat to a press! That is a great movement to do this with!

Some things you will need:

  1. Towel, as you will be dripping in sweat.

  2. Paper and pen to record every rep.

  3. No less than one quart of water handy.

  4. A chair to sit down immediately after each set. You may not think that this is important but you will change your mind around the 60th rep. Rest up before that, save your energy you will need it!

  5. Tell your family you do not want to be bothered for 70 to 75 minutes. You rest one minute between sets and each of your 100 sets will take a few seconds.

One word of caution: If you have not done high multiple sets like this, start out by doing 30 to 40 sets. Wait a couple of weeks then do 50 or 60 sets. See how it feels. When you are good and rested and ready to rock n roll take on the big 100!

Start off with 10 singles first and gradually increase the weight. I prefer to do 10x1 and increase the weight when I can complete all 10 sets with the same weight. 100x1 will get old real fast and will take forever. For most, it will be overkill. Try 10x1 first and see how that works.

Mike Mahler

Mike, how often do you train the 10 X 1?
Do you suggest 2x a week or more often?

Kdawg, check out my article on rest pause training here at t-mag. I provide a sample program. Basically, you could do a full body workout with singles (pick three exercises) three time a week. Just cycle the volume and intensity. For example, do sets of 1 with your four rep max on Monday, sets of 1 with your 3 repm max on Wed, and sets of 1 with your 2 rep max on Friday. Do 10 sets on Monday, 8 sets on Tuesday, and 5 sets on Friday.

Mike Mahler

wouldnt it be better to do say

monday 2rm 5x1…
wed 5rm 10x1…
fri 3rm 8x1

or somthing like that?

how many weeks do you keep this up?? wont your cns get messed up after a couple of weeks on this intensity?? or does the low volume allow you to go like this??

what kind of strength increses have you seen on this protocol??
what excercises do you like for this?

front squat into oh press…

deadlift shrug…



Yes, that protocol would work well as well. I would stick with singles for 4-6 weeks and then move on to something else. Such as 5x5 or some other set pattern. As long as the volume and intensity are regulated, burnout will not occur.

Mike Mahler


I found that when you over do this type of training it takes a nasty toll on the body. And overdoing can be anything over 6 weeks for me.

What do you think?


Probably true for many people. 4 weeks is a good time table.

Mike Mahler

when i did this i did 33 sets of 3-much less time consuming and nearly identical (since it i still straight ATP pathway work). as was mentioned you will be sore for 4-5 days. this is not a workout to be done repeatedly-it is a severe test of mental fortitude, which is a large part of its apeal!

Sounds like a killer workout Pitt and I could see why you would need to take 5 days off!

Mike Mahler

I tried the 100 rep work out utilizing the squat, it about killed me, but worked great for mass development. It is a great shock method to utilize during a slum and/or plateau or just to jump start mass development. Make sure your recovery capacity is optimal, in other words eat a lot of food, sleep as much as you can, and be happy (limit stress). That?s all folks!

100 single reps with Barbell squats sounds brutal Boss! Reminds me of somethig that Kim Wood did in the past. I believe he worked up to 250 total reps in a workout with 250lb on the bench press! Brutal!

Mike Mahler