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Single vs Married


Why is it all the married guys I know. Are always suggesting I get a girl friend. It's bad enough I get it from the females I know. It's not that a girl friend wouldn't be wanted. Given the proper circumtances that is.

However since the single life has far to much freedom to give up. A companion is out of the question. These are some of the reasons I'm single and staying that way.

I have already procreated.

I don't play well with others.

My eating habits will never change, nor will the food

Working out is my religion, therefore I do it on Sunday as well.

I make all the rules and enforce them.

There is only one schedule that matters.

My day starts at 0400 and ends at 2100.

One workout + another workout = a great day!

The house gets cleaned when I have the time.

Anytime is meal time

I don't want to grow up or do things that old people do!

I don't ever want to hear the words "What are you thinking"

Mostly I'm single because I have never met a woman that would put up with my lifestyle. I have zero desire to change anything in my life except my strength: physically, mentally and spiritually. As you may have guessed I have a very introvert personality. Which makes being single very easy for me.

I can't for the life of me understand why others think I would want to give up this awesome lifestyle. So what is it with married men. Is it a simple case of misery love company. One day they're bitching about married life and the next day they're suggesting I join their ranks.

So is it the single life you seek or married one.


common all you divorcees speak up


A four year marriage isn't a marriage, it's a mistake. One I corrected some fifteen years ago. Besides you can't disagree with marriage without having been. At least for a couple of days.


I have been almost single for a year and it is awesome, and I would want to keep it that way for a very long time.

But there are 5 Reasons Being Single Sucks Even More Than You Thought. LOL


5 get paid less. I work on commission.

4 work to much. I work less than eight hours a day.

3 government hates me. That will put a smile on your face

2 people hate you. 80% of the world are morons

1 die sooner. I believe that is bullshit. For the most part singles have zero reason to eat a proper diet. Most married couples die within three years of each other. When there's the quality of life verse quantity. I'll take my chances.


I enjoy being married, but admit, it's not for everyone. You have to give up a lot, but I'm okay with it, and don't believe in hammering someone over the head with my beliefs. I did it when I was ready.


You're right. It's not for everyone, there's some that could take a lesson in that. With the right person it can be the most amazing partnership. I know a few of those relationships. It's the giving up I can't deal with. Bit of a selfish bastard.


I got married BEFORE I was ready. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I just had to play some catch up. Sure you have to give up a lot and it's not for everyone, but for me the trade-off was worth it. Although, I get a twinge of jealousy when I hear about crazy college parties.... poor me.


No complaints about married life from me. I'm not going to talk anyone into it though. It's something that you have to be ready for although sometimes you get lucky like blake2616 and it just works out anyway. I for one was ready, both mature enough for a committed relationship. I don't miss being single, I hated it, but that's me.


Man, I love being married. At this stage of the game, we just click. Being around a beautiful, loving woman all day is intoxicating.


I have been seperated 2 years. I do miss the house being cleaned by someone other than me.


Who cares dude? Are you happy the way you are? Then fuck everyone else and their suggestions.

I can't imagine a decent woman in the entire world that would put up with a guy with your lifestyle, and you say you're happy the way you are, so who gives a shit?

Next time, just tell your friend to shut the fuck up and leave you alone....


This is the part that makes me laugh. Friends (and everyone else in the world) complain to no end to me about their relationships. I understand that people need to vent but don't think everyone wants to put up with that. Some people like their freedom and as long as they are happy, no one should have anything to say.


people are drawn to do whatever will make them happy... one problem is lots of people are too short sighted to do what will ultimately make them happiest, long term

if you honestly think that in the end, you're better off this way, then do that

i know i'm too selfish to successfully have a relationship right now, but i consider my self centeredness very much a bad thing, and am hoping that in time things will not be the same (not saying that if you arent selfish you need to be in a relationship, i'm only talking about what i would like in the future)


One day they're bitching about married life = NO SEX

next day they're suggesting I join their ranks = They got a hummer the night before.


Personally I like being married because it keeps me out of trouble.

My wife is cool ...... and NOT overbearing.

15 yrs younger than me, so we are basically on the same maturity level. (well, maybe she is a bit more advanced in this dept)


I'm married right now. If something ever happens, I don't think I'd ever get married again. My wife once asked me the usual question, "If I die, would you get remarried?" Perhaps I said a little too quickly and with a little too much poison "HELL NO."

There is an expression we have in South Texas that is said by some of the old men. It is "Naci solo," Translated literally, it means I was born alone. What it really means is "I was born alone, I'll die alone."

That's a hell of a sentiment for Valentine's Day. I'll end up with that tattoo someday.


I'm single now for 6 years and enjoy it for the same reason as streamline. My life has a lot more flexibility. Since being single I've taken more chances, done more and learned more about myself than when I was married. If I were still married, I wouldn't be the person I am now.

However, I still want to be with a person that makes me feel like I did for the first 10 years of my marriage; like you're protected, cherished and your best friend is always around.


It's my day off. I woke at 0400 ate and did a wake-and-bake. Woke again at 0730 ate, working on my second wake-and-bake. No gym today, I'm on a rest period. I am going speed blading however.

To cold right now, I'm a serious wuss when it comes to the cold. Catch some more rest while it warms up to 7 degrees celsius. Been carb loading since last night, Maybe get 60km or better in. Need to take extra water, trail taps are off, they don't like the cold either.

I think my friends hate me, for my life style, but love their partners more. Torn between two worlds, that must suck.

I do agree with other posters. The single life is not for everyone. Some think they want it but they can't handle an empty home. One friend got a room mate, at 45 that was the nightmare it was waiting to be. LMAO at that, he's back with his wife, for better or worse.


Been single for almost 2 years. Only lately I've kinda thought about going back into a relationship although I'm not really bothered like everyone else is about being single.

I'm pretty selfish with my time which is why my previous relationships didn't work. Although I have done more in the last few years from being single then 5+ years in a relationship.

I have a friend in a relationship, he hates its and is always coming over my house and never wants to go home, yet he simply can't be single. Its so bad that he won't break up with his gf until he has another girl lined up.

I read that you won't be happy in a relationship unless you can be happy alone and with yourself. I agree with this.


i'm too happy being single. used to be married. it was all right, i guess. there was something stressful about the whole lifestyle that may have been the chemistry between us as a couple. i suppose it's great when you have a true match. it's a theory i'm just now becoming curious about after six years of just hanging out with me and loving it a whole lot.