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Single-Use Vials

When using single use vials, it is advised to discard the balance of unused medication after. (200mg vial, you use 50mg, and discard 150mg)

My question is, once transitioned from vial to syringe, based on the logic above (it seems as though it lacks preservatives to be good long term once seal is broken), how long can testosterone sit in the strings until it goes “bad”?

Draw the remaining into a syringe and save that shit. There’s poor kids in Africa with low T and you’re just going to throw out perfectly good test? Save that shit. This has been a public service bulletin brought to you by PBS.

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What about just leaving it in the bottle for later? Mine has the same looking rubber self healing top the multi use vials have?

If it’s got a rubber top, it’s a multi use vial. It might say different, but it is. If you are the nervous type, keep it in the fridge, otherwise just keep it in the dark and use it all.

I’ve been using the “single use” vials for awhile now.

Don’t discard anything. Just reuse the vial. Always wipe it with alcohol swab before and after use.

Leave the balance within the vial or a new syringe? I ask because (at least based on what I’ve read on single and multi-use vials) isn’t there a risk of bacterial growth and infection?

It really seems a bit stupid. You remove the medication into the syringe anyways. If you let it sit for 30 minutes, is it ruined? Or is the threshold an hour or 3 hours or maybe even a few days before “bacteria” can grow?

I did call the manufacturer who had no idea. Lol

What is the problem to transfer the contents in a multidose vial?

I’m no chemist, but I believe the testosterone contained within the multi dose vial also contains preservatives to prevent spoilage. If you transfer the medication from a single to multi vial, I believe the medication would still lack the necessary preservatives to make it last

But again, that’s just speculation. I have no idea and can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

If it has a rubber membrane just reuse it.

If its a glass vial and you need to open it by breaking the top part off, just close it with some tape and reuse. I have these types of vials and reuse them 3x (=1week).
As long as the tape doesnt come in contact with the oil there is no problem with regard to something leaching from the tape.

Its an oil based formulation, dont worry about microbial growth.

Dont put it into your freezer as you run the risk that parts of the oil become solid (particles).

I dont think so because I know a dealer that produces multi dose vial testosterone. He does not put such preservatives, there is no difference in that regard with the test put in ampules. I’ve discussed it with him. If some specific company put preservatives…I dont know

How would you store it? Just at room temp as if it was never opened?

Interesting. I guess I don’t understand why the difference in labeling at all, then? Why not say this is a “dose” instead of distinguishing between single or multi. Is there another thread regarding this topic? (Couldn’t find anything) surely this question has been asked before, though

Sure, for not longer than a week or two perfectly fine. How do you store a bottle of olive oil after opening?

No water no microbial growth.

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Makes sense. So reapply the plastic breakaway top with tap over it and store for a later use.

I’m injecting E3.5D at the moment, so it would only need to last half the week at most

Sterilize the vial before drawing from it. Uncap the needle immediately prior to the draw. Try not to breath on the needle and vial. Just use common sense and you should be good. If your hands are dirty and you drop the uncapped needle on the floor then sneeze as you are poking it then store it in a warm draw for a month you may end u having an issue. A single use vial should only have a Ml in it so you should definitely be using it in less than 2 weeks. Check the ingredients and see if this single use vial contains preservatives.

I’ve actually been seeing a few more threads and it looks like others store the excess in syringes; which doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Say the vial is 200mg, draw one of say 100mg to inject now and 100mg to do 3.5 days later.

Would you simply recap the needle and replace the needle when time to do the next injection?

I would store needle up in the cupboard (cap on needle and would replace needle prior to next use)

You are more likely to grow bacteria with a second draw into a 2nd syringe that will then sit for a week or whatever.

So, you would recommend take one injection what is needed, recap the vial (possible with tape) and store per usual. In 3.5 days when next injection comes, swab the top with alcohol and inject per usual?

If it has a rubber stopper then don’t worry about tapeing it or covering it just swab before the next use. If you are talking about some kind of open ampule then that obviously needs to go into a syringe. I use to get 1ml vials that said single use right on it but had Rx instructions to use as multidose. The ingredients listed preservatives also

I just leave the balance in the vial for next time. I get 4-5 draws out of a single use vial. The more you move it around the more likely you’ll introduce a contaminant.

Unless you get some leakage through the stopper, then maybe I’d think about preloading my syringes. I use 29 or 30 gauge needles, I’ve had no issues. If you’re drawing several times with an 18 guage and poking the same spot you might open a hole up, even then thats rare.