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Single Servings of Metabolic Drive?


Does Biotest offer/sell sample or single serving packs of there products like Grow! and Metabolic Drive? I want to place an order but would like to try the differant flavors first. I was abble to purchase a sample pack of Spike at GNC. And if it were not for that I would have most likley never of tried it. Now im hooked and just bought a whole bottle. Any feed back would be gratefull.


I don't think so, but you really can't go wrong with chocolate. My favorites are Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla (in that order). If you like banana bread, go for the Banana Metabolic Drive (tastes just like it to me!).

And the Chocolate Chunk Metabolic Drive bars are crazy delicious.


That's funny, because I LOVE vanilla and strawberry Grow! but HATE the chocolate. Haven't tried the other flavors yet.



The stuff is good. I use the choc, vanilla and strawberry. I love both the peanut butter and choc chunk Metabolic Drive bars too. You will be pleased, make the order.



Its just a shake, down it. I doubt you'll physically vomit from a repulsive taste.

Now I wish they did these type of things on the fish oils and fibre stuff, now that stuff is disgusting.


Vanilla, Banana Cream, and Chocolate. Cant stand the rest


My favourites in order are:

Choc + Banana

Choc + Strawberry

Choc + Orange


Strawberry + Vanilla


Just Orange is ok sometimes ... but other times I just don't like it.

I don't like Strawberry solo at all .. has a funny kick to it which is tempered by the Vanilla.

I don't recommend Banana + Orange + Strawberry.

I thought it might be an ok tropical kind of flavour - turned out a vile ultra fake bubble gum.