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Single Serving Cycle

Hi, I was just wondering, I was thinkning about buying a cycle of sus but should I take it with something else? I also have some winstrol tabs, should i take it during or after the cycle. Im just lookin for opinions here so feel free to give any comments

Well if you honestly think you can take winny after your cycle and that you will get any help from this then you should not buy anything at all.

Look up the steroid newbie thread on here and then after reading everything people have suggested on it, look up some past sust cycles posted on here and see what it should look like. How long to use it, how often to inject, anti-e’s to take with it, over drugs to stack with it…these are all things you can find on this site and others pretty easly by just reading older threads. Get started.

Thanx, I just started looking at this stuff online and im not quite sure where to look for stuff yet, thanx a lot