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Single Serve Biotest Products

I have a proposal/request for Biotest: single serve packets of Plazma, Mag-10, and Metabolic Drive Protein. Put in some cool aid equivalent for the flavor of Plazma and Mag-10.

I mainly ask this because I’d love to mix up my Plazma right in a water bottle in the gym and after for the Mag-10. It’s a giant pain in the ass to pre-mix or bring with me. And the back seat of my truck ends up filled with smelly, mostly empty, cups that grow something mysterious that causes me to throw said nice Nalgeen containers away.

Now, if I could only take a swig out of a disposable water bottle, pour in a handy mix, put the lid on and shake! Now that would be super convenient!

It would also avoid me having what just happened to me: traveling back from an overseas work site with my half-full bag of Mag-10 in my luggage.

I got pulled into customs and interrogated for about two hours about the mysterious powder (mag-10) in the re-sealed Mag-10 package. “It could be anything! Like steroid powders! Or meth!” they said. (My proposal to mix some with water and drink it was soundly rejected as “potentially destroying evidence!”) I was eventually released with the stern warning not to travel with the open packages, ever again!

Anyway, sell more product and avoid me getting an involuntary rectal exam, please.

Single serve, sealed, packages. Please.

Did they let you take your open package? Did you have any 2nd thoughts when bringing it or consider something like that might happen

Yes, they let me take my open package.

No, I did not have second thoughts about traveling with a powdered product in its original package, even if opened. The rules I could find only restrict what you bring into the cabin (for terrorism reasons, I suppose), not checked bags. This was a checked bag.

Although, now I do, indeed, have second thoughts about traveling with a powdered product in an previously-opened original container.

Hence, the request for single-serve packages.