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Single Rage X vs Double Phenom?

I am gonna lift in a wabdl bench contest in march! I have not done a contest for 5 years…back then the denims where the best shirt i thought…i am wondering what shirt should i get??

I usually lift in 165 or 181 but now am a little bigger and will lift at 198. does body type make a diff in the shirt you choose?

I have a decent arch…i dont lift with my elbows tucked completely in i am kinda a wide bencher but when i am in a shirt it could force me to change!

I can lift a 365-385lbs raw right now but plan on getting stronger by march…what shirt will give me the most amount??? Single rage x or double phenom? or any other suggestions!! thanks alot!!!

Why single rage-X and double phenomn, why not a double rage-X or a single phenomn…??

Damn just checked the rules again, 2-ply phenoms are approved.

That’s two layers of HC material, pretty hardcore stuff.

It’s going to be a bitch to touch with that 2-ply phenom, go for it if you have an extremely strong lockout.

Many IPF lifters use the Rage X, but you will have to have it fitted extremely tight to get excellent carry-over from it.

I don’t think there is a great deal of difference. I can’t remember if wabdl requires a closed neck on the back, but if they do then you’re better off with the ragex.

the material on the rage x is pretty much in the same ballpark as the double ply hardcore, yet it has better stitching and arm placement than the phenom and better top end carryover. It doesn’t have to be super tight. Just make sure its tight on the arms and your good to go. If wabdl allows completely open back shirt pulled down on the shoulders then a phenom with a reinforced collar might be better. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for all the help. In wabdl your only allowed a single rage x but you can use a double phenom…no open backs allowed!
What kind of numbers would be realistic with a single rage x? I know a guy who is about my same size and strenth and said her benched 550plus with a double phenom…sounds crazy thats more than 100lbs!!!

Don’t want to be overly harsh but that’s a stupid fucking rule!!! Andy Bolton’s put up almost 700lbs in a 2x phenomn. Even the single ply shirt’s a good one so i can’t imagine how strong the 2x is.