Single-Ply vs. Multi-Ply

I’ve recently started using some Metal training briefs and an Inzer champion squat suit to help protect/facilitate recovery of some hip issues. It’s absolutely made a difference in how I feel when squatting. The Inzer suit has probably been replaced by more advanced single ply models.
My question to those with experience with powerlifting gear, is there a recommendation for a suit or brief that has some “ pop” or rebound quality?
I’ve used wraps in the past , and definitely liked the rebound or bounce that was provided.
The current items I have provide a feeling of support. They fit snugly, but I can put them on and off myself . I have the items in what would be termed a training fit, not a competition fit.
Would I get more pop, rebound, bounce, whatever the term from a tighter fit of the same material, or is there a specific suit that has that quality? Single or multiply.
Thank you for all the help so far

All suits provide some level of rebound or stopping power. It’s all about lifting styles and what you personally like in gear.

Gear is like knee sleeves, everyone has their own fancy.

Thank you for the help.
Any particular suit have a reputation for rebound?
Single or multi ?

Thank you for all the help, with squat suits, and briefs.
I squatted last night with the metal training briefs. They fit snug , definitely not super tight. What a difference a little extra compression made in how my hip felt while squatting.
I’m hoping the briefs hold up for a long time

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Everyone says different things, I can only comment on metal gear, ACE provides some nice rebound and stopping power all at the same time.

The canvas wills top you hard and then throw you back up.

Single ply will all have various levels of stopping and rebound, again it’s really all down to lifter preference on gear type, it’s all going to work so you can’t go wrong.

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I’ve always found the Inzer Hardcore to be exceptionally “bouncy” which can be a good thing. Gary Frank put up big numbers years ago in one, pretty sure a double ply. I’ve owed 2 of them. It’s very tight around the leg openings though (by design)

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Thanks. It’s been an interesting journey, for a fit.
The Inzer champion suit , was way too tight on the legs for a good fit in the hips and butt. The size up was nice on the legs, but not as snug elsewhere.
The Metal training briefs, fit well in the seat ,but loose in the thighs.
I’m looking for support, I can put on by myself, pretty quickly.
I’m going back and forth between the two, but I like the metal briefs more.
Maybe I have it wrong, but the suit seems to want to be in the standing position. I squat down , the suit gets stretched ( the material doesn’t like being stretched) then as I come up the suit wants to go back to its original shape and provides assistance in returning to the standing position. I need enough weight on the bar to help stretch the suit going down.
It’s a different feeling than the bounce or rebound from stretchy knee wraps. I always preferred that stretch feeling versus, “ cast like tightness.
Thank you for the feedback and help. I wish I had started with some single ply or multi ply years ago. The support from the suit and briefs, seems to help the muscles work , and importantly for me keep less stress on the joints.
I’m definitely not using a competition fit, but a loose training fit.
Any other recommendations welcomed.

Fwiw, I’ve only been in a shirt once, but know a handful of geared lifters, and they all seem to get their gear tailored. Finding someone who is good at tailoring gear can be tough.

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I’m seeing that. Titan has some suits they offer that seem to be custom based on measurements. That might be my next step.
I’ll see how long my current items last. Hopefully my weight stays stable.
The Inzer order took almost a month for what were I’m guessing stock items.
A little too loose right now is fine, I just wear my rehband warm shorts underneath.
It seems getting into a bench shirt by myself would be a challenge. I’m thinking of maybe trying the slingshot or something similar.
I appreciate the advice.

I’ve heard the Titan ram is closer to a bench shirt.

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Unless you want to compete in single or multi just stick with the training briefs, probably the best bang for the buck for longevity.

For shirt - a Titan ram is more like a shirt than a sling shot, both are great products and have uses.

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Are you wearing a belt with the briefs or with the suit with the straps down?

If you get the gear tight around your thighs and hips, then pull it up past your navel you can crank your belt down around the material. This keeps the briefs/suit tight around the seat of your pants and the belt keeps it tight around your waist. As you squat down the stretch of the equipment is mostly around your butt and hamstrings. This tightness/stretch gives a little rebound, like bionic glutes and hams.

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Yes that’s how I’ve been doing it.
Yank the garnet up as far as I can then use the belt to hold things up.
Bionic glutes- that’s great

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