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Single Ply Squat Suits?


I'm in the middle of trying to figure out what single ply squat suit to use next. Right now I'm looking at the metal king, inzer trx or hardcore, and the titan spartan. Was hoping someone on here had used a couple of these suits and could compare them for me or point me in the right direction.

My experience with suits:
Competed in my first single ply meet about 9 months ago in a 48 metal king v-type. Hit a 518 squat in the meet and a 535 squat a couple weeks out. The straps and hips were fairly loose but the seam around my quad was super tight. When I got the suit new, it took me a couple of times getting the suit half way seated before I could get it all the way on and after about 4-6 sessions in the suit it seemed like it lost a lot of its pop.

Anyways after that meet I put the suit away and decided to work on my raw strength. Put that suit back on about a month ago and it was super loose in the hips and I didn't feel like I was getting the support that I should. I also tried a super centurion that fit right and didn't really like it. I feel like it fucked with my squat form too much where as the metal seemed to complement my raw technique.

I initially planned to get the hips taken in my metal suit and then worry about ordering a suit if it didn't fix the problem, however last night I saw elite was having a gear sale til thursday night and thought maybe I should get an entirely new suit because it's a pretty good deal. I'm mainly asking on here to see if anyone has any experience with a trx and can compare it to the metal (or the super centurion).

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice on the subject since I'd like to either decide against buying a new metal suit or purchas the new suit before the sale is over.


I don't know about the TRX, but definitely do NOT order the Hardcore or Spartan. They are both kinda entry-level suits, and will not give you the carry-over of a better suit. If you've had good success with Metal before, I'd say to go with that (plus its cheaper too).


Centurion..there's a reason 99% of the lifters at international IPF meets wear it

It doesn't fuck with your form if you don't let it.


I don't know much about the most current suits or a centurion but the last meet I did two years ago I was neck and neck with a heavier guy on squats when we both used inzer hardcores. He then ordered a TRX and when he got it in his squat skyrocketed. He missed a 535 squat one week and I got 545, but within two weeks of getting his TRX he hit 575 and finally 600 at the meet. This is one reason I am done with suited lifting. I don't like the fact that if you have an improvement in suits then your squat goes up. I like the thought that it is an increase in hard work and effort through blood and sweat that makes you stronger, not because you paid more money for a better suit. To each his own though, I lifted single ply for years.


I totally get what you are saying. Some people just find that perfect suit that works for them right away. But as a (former) geared lifter, you gotta know that for the most part, you have to work pretty damn hard in gear too. Even if you increase a lift with a new piece of equipment, dramatically in some cases, to move past that point and keep on increasing is difficult. Takes time, tweaks and bruises as well as putting in the hours under the bar. I find the whole effort exhausting, so like you, I am done with gear. At least until I find someone who I can count on 100% of the time to help me get into it, wrap, spot, etc.

To the OP, I'd have to say the Centurion. That is the suit I've seen getting the best results under IPF rules. I had good results with a Metal suit, but like you found it lost a lot of pop pretty quick.


^ Those last few sentences sure were necessary! phew!

The only single ply suit I've used was an old centurion that was a hand me down and I loved it. I'm sure the new super centurions are even better. I'd definitely recommend it.

EDIT: My first comment was directed at jsmiley, not Diana. lol


well maybe I should give the centurion another shot. My training partner squats in an old centurion but isn't a fan of the new material. anyways he's getting a trx so I can get his opinion of that suit too. thanks for the help. I think I'll hold off on buying a metal suit.




love it.


Honestly, and I don't want to sound like a dick, but probably will...
48 and 52kg women, sub junior, junior, etc..squat in super centurions and don't get thrown around or have to compromise form..it's really just a matter of having good form, and keeping good form. Metal is good for multi ply, but from what I've seen of their single ply line, it leaves a lot to be desired as far as squat suits. (The Deadlifters are good, aside from how quickly they stretch)

TRX is also a good suit for some lifters, a lot of heavy lifters seem to like it I've noticed.


Metal does stretch very quickly. However, if you're having trouble finding things that fit you in the thighs as well as the hips, you might just want to get your Metal taken in a bit. I squat and deadlift in Metal, mainly because Centurions that fit my hips won't fit my massive thighs, and are too long anyway.


Super Centurian. In my opinion, there is no better single ply suit on the market. As someone else mentioned, there is a reason nearly all of the top lifters use them. It is somewhat rare to see a suit that isn't a Titan at high-level USAPL meets.


gaw such a dick.

jk dude, my metal single ply has not stretched too much, though its been a little while since i used it. Why do you prefer centurion (or is it just the stretching thing)?


...Maybe because Titan sponsors a lot of us at high-level USAPL meets?



"Just" the stretch thing? Once you reach a certain level of performance, it will have a big impact, whether your suit has "just" stretched out.

Metal suits have to be crazy tight to have proper support, I lift @ 220 and have used 44 metal king for deadlifts, I changed that for a Titan. Why? Because the fabric is much thinner in a metal suit = low amount of support and low durability. The seams run, the fabrics gets holes in the hips... Why bother when it's not as supportive anyways?


Fair enough, I have not reached that level of competition yet.


Which Inzer doesn't have the chance to do? :slight_smile:


Super Centurian all the way. I swear by it. I squat and pull in it. I started at 56kg and am now at 60kg and it doesn't throw me around. It worked well for me from the first time I had it on.


I got the Centurian, Stops you dead in the hole kind of like canvas without all the canvas problems. Box squats worked well for me to get the most out of this suit. I've got Metal Pro briefs. About the same carryover as the Centurion / with straps up, only has a bit of rebound too. I also have an ACE suit. Yeah I'm a gear whore... anyways the ACE suit stops you dead in the hole and has wicked rebound. The velcrow straps make it nice . Leave them loose little rebound. Tight and you might never hit parallel without a shit ton on your back.

So yeah if you want a suit that stops you in the hole and lets you muscle it back up Titan all the way. Same for the katana's I've never rewally got any pop off the chest and for some reason from 2 board and higher I get wicked support but at the chest it's like doing raw deadbenches. I think Pinto has said something similar in the gear review thread.

My little bro has a Metal Viking single ply. he's used my Titan and sys they are about the same in his estimation.I will say this for Titan, they don't mess around with their seems. They over sew the living shit out of them. Absolutely no runners. Metal seems are good but not like Titan.