Single Ply Help?

I am going to start dabbling in single ply gear at some point this year. Does anybody know any good books or websites I could use to learn more about single ply lifting? Thanks.

Elitefts would be a option


The Calgary barbell YouTube channel has some info on it. Their content is professional, but you will have to sort through it to find much on lifting gear.

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If you don’t have training partners that are into equipped lifting then you are at a major disadvantage. Just getting into a squat suit and bench shirt won’t be easy, then wrapping your own knees with the suit on is another problem. And then self-unracking a weight way above your max bench can be an issue, and asking the average commercial gym member to help you out can easily lead to disaster.

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A proper facility is no issue for me. Just looking for programming info and tips on lifting in gear.

How can you have a facility and nobody there to help you out?

Talk to the guys lifting in gear, if you bring the right energy they’ll be happy to have you lift with them. You’ll learn more there than reading some article


Westside website maybe

Basically it all comes down to what brand you’re using and the type. Each has a different groove, which also changes with your body type and leverages… yay!

Training methodologies are basically the same for RAW, just percentages will change and CNS adaptation will need to be taken into consideration.

5/3/1 forum on here likely has some info on gear and 5/3/1 plus the books.
5th set by swede burns works for geared lifters

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It is a gym near me I went to a couple times in the past that has geared lifters. Also I have a garage gym with good gear

I have a bench shirt coming in the mail soon. I am going to learn to use that before I get a squat and deadlift suit because I hear it is the hardest thing to learn.

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