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Single Ply Equipment


Hey all,
I am competing in an APF meet for my first meet in May. Im going to compete in the 165 class, looking for around a 1000 to 1100 pound total. I have decided that I want to compete in the USAPL and IPF in both Raw and Single ply. For all who have trained and competed single ply, how do you train? Are their single ply briefs available so i can feel out equipment? Any help with the transition to single ply is much appreciated. Thanks!

P.S Any recommendations of suits and shirts would be appreciated.


Get your gear from andersonpowerlifting.com. They are the largest distributor of Titan gear in the world, actually surpassing Titan itself. All the single ply gear is IPF approved and yes, they have single-ply briefs. I’d suggest going with a Super Centurion squat suit and Super Katana bench shirt. I actually deadlift in my Super Centurion and get 100 lbs out of it regularly. I get 150-175 from my Super Katana. Titan gear is, by far, the best performing single-ply gear out there, backed with the best warranty.


Good for you for getting into some single ply lifting.

Regarding gear choices - I too always lift in titan gear. But, I would say someone with a 1000lb total a super katana is setting yourself up for failure. I think a super centurion is more reasonable, but go for an F6 as your first shirt. SuperK is just way too frustrating as a first shirt.

PS: Briefs are not legal in the IPF/USAPL. Just train in suit bottoms if you don’t wait straps up. No point in briefs.


I concur. Super Centurion for squat/dead. If you bench with any arch, go with an F6. If flat backed, get a Fury


Thanks for the help guys. So I should just train in suit bottoms for squat and deads? Also, are there any programs for single ply lifting specifically. Or just train raw then add suits and stuff gradually?
There aren’t really a lot of programs or resources for single ply. Its all raw or multiply.


I agree with all of the above on Titan gear. Like another poster said, there are no briefs allowed in IPF so just go straps down for an equivalent.

There are equipped training templates available. One that has been put together by one of our Canadian lifters is Stinn Training Systems. http://stinndler.ca/stinn-system/

He competes both equipped and unequipped and just posted a 1,003 kg total at nationals last month. Quite a few people up here like the program he put together.