Single Ply Bench Shirt Recommendations?

I’m wondering if there is a shirt that has the same feel as a single ply Phenom without it cutting my armpits to shreds…any advice or experience? I like the groove and stretch at the bottom.

I’ve used the F6 and currently a Super Katana. The Katana for me is very tough to master. Seems I need to be perfect with it each attempt or it ain’t gonna go.

Anyone used in new Inzer Bolt yet?

I have lifted in a shirt a grand total of 1 time. I do lift with some geared lifters though. To me your issue (armpits being cut up) might best be solved with tailoring and not a new shirt (since you like the shirt aside from the armpit issue).

Metal Single Ply M is probably hands down the more forgiving but useful singly ply shirt.

The katana ( what I currently use ) is a great shirt but you are correct it is highly technical.

Look at slide 4 and 5. 4 was sloppy, luckily to a 2 board it was doable, slide 5 much more technically sound.

That said you shouldn’t be ate up in the armpits. The shirt shouldn’t be pulled so high that it’s in your pits.

I don’t know anyone that has used the inzer bolt, but if you go look at top 20 singly ply, they are all basically in the same gear.

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Can this be used in competition still? I thought most feds banned them.

Cover the logo works for a lot of the feds. I still compete with a metal ace for deadlifts ( looking to replace it )

Even if it’s not, it’s still a great learning shirt.

If I remember you had the same problem with the Phenom tearing you up.

Might be trying out an Evil Twin soon!

Thought about buying the M shirt when EliteFTS had em on sale for $95. Of course that was a while ago.

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pretty sure you can find them on the internet from metal or even just random people selling them lol

Well I found a shirt. Barely used Evil Twin. Used it this past Saturday for the first time. Apparently I really like the low cut collar shirts. This thing is awesome. Best shirt I’ve ever used. The sleeves really crank down on my arms. The groove works perfect for me.

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Hey figured it out…lol

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Nice! Looks solid

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I hit 500 touch in the Super Katana this last training cycle. Definitely more in the tank.