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Single Ply Bench Shirt for Raw Bencher?

I prefer do raw bench press. I think need overload workout.
Have a plan from next week, will do 2~3 board press with single ply shirt instead high pin press as an overload exercise.
The single ply bench shirt can helpful for overload exercise for my raw bench press?

Full range geared lifts can be beneficial to the raw lifter.

Google: elitefts using gear to overload , should be top link by Joe Schillero

Doing overload shirted board work as a raw bencher, while fun, likely doesn’t carry over the same. This is coming from a geared lifter.

Why do you think you need overload work?

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it’s sounds like weird but in my case, every 1week before the test week, I feel my muscle nurve system is feel too much loose. so I need to awaken for my muscle nurve system.

Maybe the way your peak/taper is set up is the problem. However, Fred Hatfield said he used to do overloads the week of the meet, 5-6 days out. Not actual lifts though, squat walkout/bench unrack and hold for 5 sec. with 120% of your planned 3rd attempt, although Josh Bryant has said that going over 110% has no additional benefit.

Just buy a slingshot, bench shirts require a different technique which will limit your ability to use it as well as carryover. Reverse bands could work too, although they get mixed reviews.


If you’re a raw lifter, Slingshot is your answer, not a bench shirt. There’s a learning curve to using a shirt that will never crossover into anything you do raw. So while training with a shirt can make your lockout stronger, it will be a different lockout than your raw lockout.


Can confirm. I used a very loose single ply shirt a couple of times. It’s a completely different lift.

Slingshot. Bench shirt groove will never emulate a raw groove.