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Single Pec Pump Up??

I have an imbalance in my pecs. My left is bigger than my right. I have tried even, slow movements and stopping as soon as my smaller weaker side gives out, but i cant make up the size. I am despratly searching for a way to even out my funny looking chest. The smaller pec is lacking in all-round bulk and I am all out of ideas, some help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike Fortier

Try doing two sets using both sides, and one set on the weaker. Like you, I tried to even mine out going no more than the weaker side would allow. Now I am trying the above routine and it seems to be working.

Best of luck

I’m assuming that you are already using dumbells for all excercises and are also using proper equal form. If not then do it and also realize that the body is not made perfectly symmetrical. My chest striations are different in each and they are both equally strong. laters pk

I have asymmetrical bodyparts as well but nothing too drastic. As suggested, train your pecs with dumbbells or one-armed at a time. Do extra sets or reps for that side and see how you respond.

I’ll second tlmorrison.

One-arm dumbbell bench becomes difficult with any significant weight. You balance inhibitors may prevent you from pushing 100%.

Try slow dumbbell fly sets of 12 with the weak side.