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Single Lifts Instead of Sessions?

What I mean is, instead of doing multiple lifts in one session, what if I just do one lift whenever I get the chance? 15min free, do rows. 15min free later, do dips. Just taking my existing program of lifts and dispersing it.

What are the cons? Obviously some level of strength-endurance is sacrificed. How significant is this? Other hidden cons? Assume that I can stay focused and still lift hard, not just aimlessly play with the dumbbells.

Any pros? Besides scheduling, which is my motivation.

Thanks for any help.

Is this 15 minutes occuring several times a day to equal the same amount of overall training? Or is it 1 exercise a day…because I’m sorry that won’t do much for you at all. I don’t know your schedule but is 45-60 minutes 3-5 days a week really not an option?

Not just 1 lift a day. The exact same amount of lifting as your standard 3x/week full-body training, just spread out instead of concentrated together in 3 sessions.

If that’s how you want to do it I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with it in theory. Just don’t say “oh well it’s only 15 minuts I can skip this little session”.