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Single Lift Training Scheme

I have seen articles on this website that involve training one lift or the same set of lifts every day for a prescribed amount of time. I have never done this personally, so I cannot comment on their effectiveness, however I had an idea which extends this concept and was curious if anyone had tried something similar.

The extension is simple. Rather than train the same series of lifts (e.g. the 40 day workout) or focus on just 1 lift for a few weeks (20 rep squat routine), why not each week make 1 lift your main focus and rotate lifts in a 3 week cycle. Here is an example below:

Suppose you are a powerlifter, your main lifts will be the squat bench and deadlift. You would focus on the squat for week 1, then the bench for week 2, then the deadlift for week 3, and maybe week 4 take a break. The routine might look something like:

Week 1:
Squat 5 days a week: medium, heavy, light, heavy, medium
Supplements might include the dumbbell bench press, Romanian deadlifts, anything that might maintain strength and supplement the squat but wont significantly affect recovery.

Week 2:
Bench Press 5 days a week: medium, heavy, light, heavy, medium
Supplemental work again supports the bench press but will maintain strength or slightly build strength in the squat or DL

Week 3:
Deadlift 5 days a week: medium, heavy, light, heavy, medium
Again, supplemental work maintains strength on the other lifts but does not impede recovery.

Week 4: light work on everything for recovery.

The scheme I provided is just an example. you could go in two week intervals, use the same workouts everyday but change them and the focus weekly, you get the idea. I am not a workout expert so I don’t know how to design something like this reliably. As I said earlier, I am curious if the scheme will work or could work with some modifications. Maybe some of the more experienced lifters can weigh in? Id really like to hear!

There’s absolutely no benefit for this kind of training. If you only really squat, bench and deadlift for one week of the month and do very little work on them for three weeks, you just don’t develop the kind of strength you aim for.

I guess the idea behind this is supercompensation but that cannot be utilized in this manner since you can’t just bang the hell out of one lift for a week and expect dem gainz to come for the rest of the month.

Programs like Smolov, the Russian bench program, Smolov Jr. for squats or bench etc. are mostly shock cycles and their purpose is to introduce the trainee to volume they most likely haven’t done before. They work because your body has no other choice but to give up or get used to it. One week is just too short of a time frame for the body to get used to this kind of work and reap any real benefits out of it.

Without a goal it is hard to make a comment. That said, nothing wrong with specialisation programs, many successful lifters prefer them but if you’re trying to build particular lifts (rather than “get big/etc”, you’d need to be very careful in your maintenance exercise selection to actually “maintain” your strength gains from a specialisation week.