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Single Leg Exercises

I would like to see how much priority T-mag readers place on single leg exerces,

I definitely incorporate them into my program. W/in the week I usually get at least 1 or 2 one leg exercises in.
I am thinkin’ about doing a 4-8 week one leg program. (Not all one leg exercies, but one leg exercises as the priority) And then seein’ how my legs change…for the good, bad or no change.


I’m a fan of single leg exercises, mostly out of necessity than out of pure choice. My back is not quite up to snuff and because of that, anything where I place a heavy load on my vertical spine is just not possible (goodbye squats and traditional deadlifts). I have made do with a lot of single leg exercises such as single leg press (which is also easier on my back than doing it with both legs since your back tends to roll up a bit as the sled descends) and single leg DB deadlifts, which are a favorite of mine.

But if I had a way to magically go back and fix my lower back, I would be back to squatting, no doubt.

I recently began incorporating single leg dumbell squats (back leg elevated) into my routine and I swear by them now. Be sure to go deep and you’ll be feeling it the next day. I began using these due to a lower back problem, as said by the above user, they transfer the load off the spine. Great for grip and balance as well. I moved up rather quickly in weight and i’ve found that the more weight I use the more stable I become which helps with the balance issue. Highly recommended.

Good luck.

I’ve too added them in more so out of necessity and for rehab than any other reason, as my hip / gluteal / lower back imbalance is not going to heal on its own. I am either once or twice per week doing single leg work while I am on a FB 3x / week program. Try some single leg dumbell DLs for a-whole-nother level of @ss soreness.

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