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Single Fellas - Worse at Meeting Girls on TRT?

Before anyone says it, this wasn’t my motivation for starting TRT!

But when I’ve been single on TRT, I’ve noticed I’ve turned from being calm, cool, and interesting, into well, a noticeably more desperate.

I’m sure it could be other things too, but a year and a half ago when I was single briefly I was fine.

I have a buddy who has a super high sex drive and is always asking me to set him up with my friends, and he’s the same way. Stares at girls like they’re dinner.

TRT has helped my confidence a lot. I’m an 8 who thinks he’s a 10 and therfore deserves nothing less than an 11. So she has to be a bad bitch to get this D. And a capital D she most certainly will get.

It doesn’t hurt that in Louisiana most guys in their mid 30’s look like they are mid 40’s.


It’s weird. It’s helped my confidence a lot but I think at times my sex drive now outweighs that.

In reality we are just animals who’s sole purpose is to reproduce so that would make sense.

While it’s been reported that men on TRT find it easier to approach women, in theory it is because women are more receptive to men with higher testosterone.

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When I met my wife, prior to starting TRT, my confidence was in the toilet. It’s shocking that someone that beautiful even considered dating me (at least that’s how I felt in my own head). On TRT, it’s the total opposite. I notice women checking me out now, which never seemed to happen before, and I attribute it to simply exuding confidence that I never had.

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Your wife is pretty hot looking. Just sayin’

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Desperation dries pussy fast. Gotta get out of your head and be humble. Confidence can be creepy when confused for conceit. Be humble and be the prize. Treat women like theyre on a pedestal and youre guaranteed some kind of failure. So chill and be humble. I do get hit on often before and after TRT. None of that fake it til you make it bullshit I see a lot of dudes doing. Im from LA and theres no shortage of women, and no shortage of thirsty men. So if youre tall, youre already ahead of the game. Im 5’7” so have to rely on my smile. The rest is having game. Some guys hot wife, is another guys “shes alright”. Goggles can fog up when the heat is up. Take those things off and start treating women like women. Sex is always on the table until you say something stupid to make the panties go back up.


For the short time Ive been on TRT it helped me a lot. Helped me loose my anxiety and depression, almost overcome emotionally my long term crash and now I met quickly a few girls and have options. Girls seem to like me much more and I really cannot understand why to the point I sometimes become suspicious to their motives.
Hope this is not temporary like the honey money phase that lasted only two weeks for me
There is only one way you can be worse from the t - if you ve become very sexually needy. For women neediness is the biggest turn off. It s like for you the girl to be with rotten teeth smashed face huge fat ass and no tits - that is the needy man for ANY woman except if she is more needy and desperate

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I believe the Ying Yang Twins said it best…
I’m lookin’ for a dime that’s top of the line
Cute face slim waist wit a big behind

Very moving lyrics indeed. The ass-to-waist ratio is key.


Ye, I also like slight girls(maybe because Im fat), yesterday I went out with a very slim girl that said she likes heavier men like me, but my point was quite different - to point out how disgusting is neediness for women

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Ironically I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting checked out more, especially now being single and having cleaned up a slight drinking problem and getting back on the rest of my personal care routine.

Lol well put man.

After my ex cut me off sexually (apparently we weren’t dating, she started seeing other guys, I later found out), I went from a whopping few times a month with her to nothing the last couple of months.

Good news is in the last 3 weeks of being totally single, my confidence has been building back up. Haven’t really cared if girls like me or not, and already went on a few dates to get back into the swing of things.

It’s been a few years since I was actually single and not just “on a break” or whatever, so I suppose it takes a little time. Last long term relationship I was in took me almost 2 months after it ended to get my charm back.

Can’t find it, but there was a Blueprint song that went something like “as long as two 5’s add up to 10, I’ve got options every night and a team of mediocre hoes grabbing my dick” lol.

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I’ve done much better since putting on weight the last couple of years. I used to be around 130lbs and girls treated me like an inferior small child unless I really nailed it with my personality. Being super thin isn’t all perfect.

I wouldn’t mind losing a little though but only because my leg muscles haven’t caught up yet.

Squats, heavy squats…

If I may just share one thing with you guys that has nothing to do with testosterone.

There was a period in my life that I was desperate to find a girlfriend. I’d go from bar to bar, walking in, and scanning the room for potential targets to go talk to. I’m certain the women picked up on that immediately. I’d also usually go alone (this is NOT ideal as women need to see that you actually have some friends to ensure you’re not a social outcast).

Later on I’d ensure that I always went out with at least one friend (the more the better). We didn’t scan the room. We just went in to have a drink. We acted like we couldn’t care less if there were any women around. The women started coming to us. That was a period were I was literally having sex with several women a week… sometimes even several a day.

You need to give off the vibe that you really don’t need it… because maybe you already have enough of it. Women will then compete for your attention. If you look needy, they’re gone. If they give you their phone number, don’t call right away. Don’t make dates right away. Make them wait. Make them want it. Be in control of the situation. They will start breaking their heads as to why you aren’t calling them yet and asking them out yet. When you’re with them, talk about THEM all the time, like you are interviewing them. Ask questions, background, interests, careers. Make them feel like you are trying to figure out if they are ‘good enough’ to warrant your attention.

Trust me when I say this works VERY well.

I got so good at it I used to stop women in the street (look up something called ‘daygame’) without coming across as a creep. Basic premise was, “I couldn’t resist coming up and saying hello… you look fucking incredible! Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do?”… and the interview starts. She’s hot, we’ve established that, but there are LOTS of hot girls. Now the interview begins to decide whether or not she’s worthy. Sometimes I’d walk around downtown and get anywhere from 5-10 phone numbers within 2 hours. I’d chat with them for 10 minutes and state that I couldn’t stick around because I needed to be somewhere but that we should pick up the conversation some other time. Then I’d do the, “Here is my cell… put your number in there and I’ll give you a shout at one point”.

I cannot give you any better advice than this. Definitely look into ‘daygame’ as it is absolute gold for this kind of thing.

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This guy fucks.

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Going to need some help with this one lol