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Single Dumbbell Static Hold


how do you do this exercise? ive looked all over T-Nation and the web but couldnt find any info on it. thanks


Well is it a dumbbell row static hold, Dumbbell Curl Hold or what


C2. Single Dumbbell Static Hold - Support a vertical dumbbell with both hands under the top weight section and your elbows bent at 90 degrees.

This is how Thib described it in his program...I guess the real question is what the top weight section is?


Lol thats what I am trying figuring out... I have never heard of this exercise... Is it like press or row.



this is the article if you want to get an idea of what the exercise is trying to work. Single Dumbbell Static Hold is about halfway down the page.... Maybe you hold it right below your chin, a few inches away from your body?


I think what he is saying is in effect a hammer curl static hold.

My reasoning is that one he is supersetting to exercise to hit forearms which makes since for the hammer curl.

Also when you do a hammer curl you hold a dumbbell vertically.

The top weight section is the weight plate that is closest to your thumb when holding nuetral.

So to my understanding grab a DB with both hands in a type of hammer curl position curl till your arms are about mid range through the curl(90%) and then hold for max time.


Do you not just hold the DB out in front of you, arms at 90 by your sides? 'top weight section' is just one end of the DB where the weight is. You are holding it vertically, so that makes sense.


Ah that was just mentioned. There you go then.


That is also a good answer lol... Maybe you should just go check out the forum that article maybe someone asked that question there... or message thibs and ask.


you explained this much better than how i tried to explain it. this seems like it is correct. I looked through the discussion of the article, and someone did have the same question as me, but it didnt get answered. haha. thanks for the help guys. Gonna message Thib too, just in case...