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Single Daily Dose of Dbols?

What is the latest time of the day you can take a single dose of Dbol without inhibiting your natural Test levels. I want to use them just before I train but I train around 5:00P.M.? If I Take Dbol at 3 or 4pm will it mess with my natural T levels even if that is the only thing I take? Also at what dose will I see any results with this type of cycle?

No one has studied the answer to that question.
I’ve proven with blood tests that the orals can
be taken at arising and again at noon, but did
not try to determine what the latest possible
hour is. Since the halflife of Dianabol is
reportedly 4 hours, I’d expect that 5 PM is
too late for any kind of substantial dose.

If you take say 30 mg on arising (let’s
say that’s 7 AM) and 15 mg at noon, you know,
you still have quite a bit in the system
at 5 PM: the math says about 15 mg. So
it as not as if you would be training with
nothing in your system.

This does imply you could take 15 mg at
5 PM if that were the only dose… but which
would you prefer, having the 30 mg in your
system in the morning, then another kick
of 15 mg at noon, and still have 15 mg
in your system at 5 PM… or have nothing
all morning and afternoon and only get
the 15 mg at 5 PM?

So I would go with the morning and noon
dosing as is already proven to work.

Do not however expect any remarkable gains
from this. It is more a “nice supplement”
kind of thing than a true steroid cycle.

If nothing else, 45 mg (for example) of
Dianabol 7 days per week is only 315 mg of
steroids per week. That’s not much. And
it’s less effective when not in the system
around the clock, so downrate the expected
(and actual) effectiveness even further.

Thanks for your detailed reply Bill. Just to make sure I understand you correctly even if you use as much as 45mg of Dbol per day with a divided morning and noon dose you will not inhibit your natural Test production? Was that proven in the studies?

Yes, 40 or 50 mg/morning works fine. There’s
a study in The Lancet, a British journal (a
study which was focused on other things but
did measure LH suppression also) which found
no significant inhibition after 6 weeks at
ONE HUNDRED mg/day of Dianabol, single dose,
time of application not reported, but I have
never pushed it that far. I have blood
test data only to the 40 and 50 mg/morning
total amounts of oral steroids, studying Dianabol only, or Dianabol plus oxandrolone.
I have not looked at higher amounts.

If nothing else, I consider the 100 mg/day
level of alkylated steroids to be pushing
it a little (okay to do for a while but
not long term) so I don’t really feel that
that amount is appropriate for “off” weeks
even if it isn’t inhibitory when used

However, if no alkylated steroids were used
on the “on” weeks, then 100 mg/day in weeks 3 and 4 wouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t have information besides
The Lancet study that it wouldn’t be inhibitory. I mean, that study is pretty
good evidence, but I also like to see things
for myself.