Single-Arm Whole Body Lifts!

Hey guys,

Just chasing a few ideas for some lifts. I have injured my left arm at work (construction labourer). It is pretty much out of action. I mean I can change plates on a barbell etc but beyond that its kaput! Have physio on it 3 times a week. Looks like pain casued by bone fragment in the shoulder area from old injury aggravated by heavy lifting at work.

Now I have been getting quite good at single-arm barbell snatches, but beyond that am a bit stuck for ideas. Any help? Really just after big compound moves, not curls etc. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Hey mate, that sucks. Check out Dan John’s stuff. He broke his wrist and has an article or two on what he did to work around it.

Have a look for an article called The One Dumbbell Workout or One Cheap Idea or something like that. If you havent seen it already, his site is which is worth a look if you cant find it here (or worth a look anyway!). Good luck!

hey down under,
Sorry to hear about your injury buddy

Ok, you’ve done one arm overhead snatch. Have you tried adding one arm overhead squat, or even low snatch with a dip/squat.
What about considering getting a safety bar (the one that dr squat tries to sell on his site).
Maybe one of your local gyms has got one.
With this you could probably do decent squats, goodmornings and plenty other shits that you cannot now because you cannot hold anything heavy on your shoulders.

I am just wondering - selection of your exercises will depend on what you can and what you cannot do with your arm.
-what about trying some pull-throughs (see Dave Tate’s site or Westside barbell site and read L. Simmonse articles).
-what about (ok, I know it is not 1-arm) doing chins, pull-ups - just asking - you could try one handed :wink:
-pushing the car/truck on you parking
-dragging the sledge
still doing some back raises(extensions)
and ab work

  • high box jumps

and that should keep you in relative shapre for the time being

Once again, I think that that safety bar could be a solution to your temporary state.

Good luck and get well soon!


Do you have any Dumbells.
Dumbell Exercises:
Power Clean
Power Snatch
Power Clean and Push Press
Power Clean and Jerk
Power Clean and Push Jerk
Shoulder Press
Bench Presses (Incline, Flat, Decline, Close Grip)
Floor Press
Upright Row
One-Leg Straight-Leg DL

Overhead squats

Hey posting for buffalo!

Thanks heaps for the suggestions, particuarly to jules…as he is big fan of Dan Johns. Finally something to keep him from going insane…and from subsequently bugging me…hey buff?

thanks again

One-arm Power Clean and Press/Push Press/Jerk/PushJerk with a Barbell. I got the inspiration from John Davies ( I think?) They are even more challenging, in my mind anyway, than the One-arm barbell snatch.

Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope things heal well for you.

Is it smart to be doing one arm snatches, bench pressing, and shoulder presses. I thought training only the right and not the left is bad bc the right side will get a lot stronger and the left side will be left behind giving problems later on

There have been studies on the caryover from one limb to the other.

For people with one leg in a cast, they trained the other leg and actually gained some muscle in the casted leg.

Of course it wasn’t as much as the working leg, but it’s a hell of a lot better than doing nothing, and actually stopped a lot of atrophy that would have happened in the casted leg.

learn something new everyday another reason why not to listen to my old gym coach lol.

One arm turkish get-ups.

[quote]mrcat wrote:
One arm turkish get-ups. [/quote]


Now might be a good time to get to know all those lower body machines (leg curls, hyperextensions, etc) that you wouldn’t other wise utilize. Also, a safety squat bar would be ideal in this instance, but I doubt its an option.

not much else you can do without developing an imbalance.

Another option would be ankle cuffs. You can do a lot of leg work with these, and I doubt they’d be much use for upper body since you said it was a shoulder injury, but it might be something to look into.

[quote]wressler125 wrote:
mrcat wrote:
One arm turkish get-ups.



I’ll try to explain. Steve Cotter shows how on his Encyclopedia of Kettlbells. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

It hits the abs/core to max.
start on back one are up, like mormal. Sort of kick/kip with your legs to get torso up. legs will come off ground to give momentum. once up, bend the same leg as the arm with weight in. use other leg to sort of roll up into lunge position.

hope that helps. its easy when you see vid but a bit hard to explain…

I think I understand it. I was just having difficulty figuring that one out.

one arm deadlift if nobody posted it yet

make sure you use your RIGHT arm

You can have fun with,

1 arm snatches
1 arm deadlifts
Suitcase walks
Waiter walks
1 arm swings
Turkish get ups
1 arm power curls
1 arm overhead squats

Thats should keep you busy till your other arm is useable again.

It might sound heretical but they DO have a turkish getup video on crossfit, I am sure of it.

[quote]ah_dut wrote:
It might sound heretical but they DO have a turkish getup video on crossfit, I am sure of it.[/quote]

They do have a squat style get-up.

I guess I assumed everyone knew the regular version. No hands is a bit different, but if you watch there video and follow my very rough directions, hopefully you can figure it out…

If you have a jumpstretch band you can do goodmornings with it. Seems like a good time to do a lot of lower body work. See if you can rig up a glute ham raise.

Also you could get a squat belt. I think you can get one at Dave Tate’s website or Louie Simmons’ website. Basically its like an oversized dip belt and you can stand on some benchs or boxes or whatever and squat down inbetween. It hits your legs really well; not to much lower back work but you could supplement with back raises or something.