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Single-Arm Rows with 30-10-30?

Hi Dr. Darden,

Purchased your Extreme HIT and look forward to getting started. In terms of exercise substitutions I wondered at your thoughts on one-armed DB Rows replacing Bentover Rows in the program? Bentover rows always tend to aggravate my back, but I wasn’t sure if doing single-arm exercises is recommended with the 30-10-30 style? My other option would be replacing with resistance band lat pulldowns (unfortunately gyms are still closed in my country so I don’t have access to machine alternatives.). Thanks in advance - I did the 30-10-30 program from Killing Fat earlier this year and really enjoyed it so excited to try this new version!

Okay, try the one dumbbell row instead of the bentover row with a barbell. Let me know how it blends with the other exercises.

Barbell rows can bother my back as well. But I find one arm DB rows very boring. But lightening up a little, I can use DBs with both arms at the same time as a row and alleviate lower back problems. Not sure how that would be with 30-sec negatives though. I’m talking more about regular reps.

Another alternative you might consider is doing dumbbell rows lying face down on a bench. I find these more interesting and efficient than single arm rows but you might need to elevate both ends of the bench slightly to give yourself a full ROM.



I believe that is sometimes called a seal row.

Agreed I really like those too - unfortunately my bench at home is pretty low to the ground so can’t get a very good ROM with them (definitely can’t wait to have gyms open up and get some more variety!)