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Single Arm Lifts

I’m new at single-arm lifts and wonder what my levels of strength are relative to my bodyweight. I’m reading “Dinosaur Training”, by Kubik and have started incorporating alot of single-arm lifts including, single-arm snatches w/ both dumbbells and barbells, single-arm barbell deadlifts, single-leg overhead barbell squats, and turkish get-ups with a barbell. I’ve also been doing some specialized grip work as Kubik suggests, and my grip strength is definitely increasing. I get all kinds of looks when I’m doing some of these lifts, but I have to say that these lifts are helping me develop overall strength, especially for the grip. Anyways, how do these numbers stack up for an average guy like me.

5’7", 160lb.'s

Single-Arm DB Snatch, 85lb DB(2x), 75lb BB(2x)
Single-Arm BB Deadlift, 145lb
Single-Leg Overhead BB Squat, 30lb.'s(3x)
Turkish Get-Up w/ BB, 75lb.'s

I’m still working on the single-leg squat/box jumps.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

I love doing the single-arm db and bb snatch. I think they’re great overall exercises. I’ve only been doing them for about two years now. As for the other lifts you’ve mentioned, I have yet to try those. I’m 5-6 around 170lbs. I’ve been training for about 11 yrs now. On the single-arm db snatch, the weight I use is similar to yours, I’m using anywhere from 80-95lbs for my 6-8 rep range.

As far as the bb single-arm snatch is concerned, I haven’t really tried to go too heavy on it. As you know, form gets tricky from trying to balance a 45lb bar with weights and presents a pretty unique loading parameter, especially for the forearms.

I wouldn’t mind hearing other lifters chime in with their experiences with these lifts as well.