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Single Arm Lifts - Good or Bad?

In reading the writings of different authors on this site and others, it seems that single arm lifts are either revered or warned against when they are mentioned. What is ya’lls experience with them and/or opinion on them?

they are good

Good to throw in with everything else. The only reason it could be bad is if you only relied on unilateral work. I do both types, never just single arm workouts.

From a functional perspective, if you ever find yourself in a movie-like scenario hanging 10,000 feet over a skyrise building, while reaching out to grab your friends hand and need that single arm strength…

Take your time to read more deeply into the article and see certain articles state they are bad. I have no idea in what context you are referring to but I think there are certain excercises that are not as efficient, or safe, or a bit of both? Well hope this reply is helpful.