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Singing and building

Does anyone of you here sing?

I thought that most of the big shredded and ripped guys here can’t sing.

Well, i don’t know for sure. I love to sing and new to bodybuilding (almost 2 years experience).

For those of you who sing, what types of exercises can help you sing better?

Just when drunk and in front of a microphone. I do a mean Ricky Martin. Things went horribly wrong on New Year’s Eve as I was getting down to Milli Vanilli … I heard a loud pop in my ankle. Luckily, the wine killed the pain, but it swelled up like a grapefruit. Nothing broken, but it still hurts today. So as for exercising your lungs, I can’t say … but I’m starting to concentrate more on calves! This should help me on the very rare occassions that I do drink…

lie on your back on a bench, hold a 10-25 pound weight in both hands. with elbows bent put your rms over your face, so that the weight is held just over teh top of your head. take 20 slow deep breaths. do three sets daily. we did this in cross country in high school, and had noticably imporved breathing in days. the exercise comes from swimmers who want to work on their lung capacity.

I am no singer but from what I’ve heard you need to be able to do a lot of breathing using your diaphram(spelling?). Thier is something called sanchin breathing that martial artist do(especially a Karate form called Goju-Ryu). I bet if you do a search on the internet for either sanchin breathing or Goju-ryu, you should be able to get information on this.
Ron Jeremy

Do breathing squats! Yeah, they’re a bitch, but they’ll increase lung capacity. Weighted abdominal work will help too! Look at Peter Steele of Type -O- Negative. He’s HUGE, and has one of the most powerful (if not eerily creepy) gothic voices in the biz. Good luck to ya

When I work at it, and select the right songs (i.e., “He’s Alive” by Don Francisco) I am at a a reasonable club-singer level. I just work at it by working at it (actual singing.) By the way, androgens improved my vocal considerably
(a lasting improvement.) I absolutely recommend, if someone sings, to make a point of working hard on singing while on cycle.

Sing at least three nites a week in various locations. I would say get some kids and practice yelling at them, works for me(especially as they get older).He he he he

I’ve been doing opera/ classical training for 2 years [Mr Handel has suffered greatly at my hands]. The thing I have found that helps me is actually teaching a boxing fitness class: screaming at the class and making polite inquiry as to whether their parentage and breeding habits is the cause of their laziness has forced me to project my voice more and actually change where I sing from - throat to head - thus giving me more control and flexibility in and over my vocal range and production.

It would depend on what range you want to practice… for a guy attempting the really high notes I’d suggest dropping a 50lb dumbell on the crotch.

I try very hard not to sing, for lack of a decent voice to make use of, but to my knowledge droping a 10lb weight on your nuts helps hit those high notes.
hope this is of some use,


LOL Bill I never pictured you as a Lounge Act.
Me,I sing whether my friends like it or not, must be the Irish in me. They usually vote not.

I sing in my car. As loud as I want, and it doesn’t matter what the people in the car think because they are trapped. My car, my radio (tuned to the new 80’s station YEAH!)

No, I’ve never sung in a lounge! What it actually was, is probably something you pictured even less: I used to be active in music ministry.
The comparison to club singers was just to
give a general reference… there are plenty
of singers out there that can sing reasonably
well, that the average person would say “can
sing” and sounds pretty good, but who no one in the business would get excited about. It’s a rare gift to be that good. (Certainly less than 1 in 10,000, and probably more like 1 in 100,000.)

some might say that this thread has nothing to do with bodybuilding. But you gotta look at Henry Rollins’ neck. It must be like 20 inches around at least. So i think that if you scream a lot your neck must get bigger. I don’t know if this will make you a better singer though.

Aaron Nevell(sp?). Sure looks like he moves some iron around. He also hits those high notes, ya think he has dropped dumbells as previously recommended?