Singhbuilder's Fertility Log

If i were you Singh, i would taper your TRT dose to 100mg a week, plus your fertility protocol, nothing else. Give that 6-12 months. If no luck after that, then maybe try coming off TRT completely, and do HCG, clomid, or whatever other fertility protocol you think is necessary.

You probably already know this stuff, but saving up semen for at least 5 days before when she ovulates, and 24 hours before and day of ovulation, go for as many times as possible. Have her testing her urine for LH to determine ovulation. And then, for my wife and I, i literally propped her up on a pillow and let gravity do some of the work. Has worked twice for us now, relatively quickly.

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Hey, we did that too! It shouldn’t make any difference but every little trick helps eh :+1:

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IMO i think it makes a huge difference! I’m not a fertility doctor or anything, but i think anything that directs the juice to where its suppose to go, instead of out the front door is a good thing!

Graphic, but plenty of times the deed has been done, only to stand up and have some “exit” the wrong way, if that makes sense LOL. Increase the chances by using gravity to get the majority of the goods to the egg.

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You have a future writing erotica.


While on TRT? What was your protocol and were you always on hCG?


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On TRT for 6 years, only started HCG when i wanted to have second child. Took 5 months of HCG to get my wife pregnant.

Was on 150mg of test for majority of time, then halfway through HCG i switched to 200mg. Was taking 200iu of HCG a day. 1400 total a week. I think you could definitely do it while still taking 100mg of test, with the high dose of HCG you are taking… Just takes time to wake up the boys and get the sperm count up. Good luck man. I know how important this is and ill keep you in my prayers.

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Thank you man it means alot especially to a God-centred man like myself.

I’m at 105mg test with 45mg Mast per week now so I will stay here. The initial size of my testes I saw is no longer there now.

Could desensitisation have happened that quickly? The studies I’ve seen blast 3000iu EOD hcg for years!



I don’t know much about Masteron, but if it were me, i would take only what is necessary to “feel” good, and keep working out. Which is why i recommended taking just the test, again i don’t know much about that drug. If it doesn’t affect fertility then, should be OK, but i would just keep it simple. Test and HCG only, then as a last resort, come off the test and do HCG/Clomid. By that time, you should have enough time on the HCG that you probably wont need to be off test for very long. (hopefully)

I saw a few youtube videos where the consensus was that desensitization does not actually occur. I think the doctor they were referring to, who stated that was Lipschulz (sp?) a well known fertility doctor. I wouldn’t worry about that honestly. But yea, you could do more research to be sure.

My boys would fluctuate size, and i wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. I’ve even gone down to 500iu twice a week and the size has stayed about the same.

Brother, by any chance, was she on birth control? That can have an effect as well. It took my ex almost a year to get pregnant after she got off the pill.

I don’t have an answer that is completely solid. Just an appeal to authority. When I was with Defy, they said they did not go past 500 iu EOD (1750 iu per week) because they thought long term that could cause desensitization. I think 500 iu EOD would be equivalent to having LH out of range significantly though.

My wife was taking a medication that “helped her with her skin”. It wasn’t until we went to a fertility doc after 14 months that we knew that would halt her fertility. The fertility doc looked at her chart, laughed, and told her to stop taking it. A few months later BINGO. Funny thing is she was prescribed it by her OBGYN.

Not a very potent anabolic. Probably 1/2 as potent as test on a mg/mg basis in terms of ability to add lean tissue

But it is a rather potent androgen, will shift androgen/estrogen ratio in favour of androgenicity, accentuates secondary sexual characteristics to a degree. You’ll find it’ll lean you out slightly, if you’re already lean muscles take on a “harder”, denser look. But at the same time you’ll look a bit smaller when wearing a shirt if you’re using it alone with a trt dose of test.

Some men find it heightens libido and mood. Others find it drops libido, causes crankiness and aggression.

Appears to crush estrogen if used in high dosages.

Harsh on lipids, worse than primo (have bloods from back in the day to confirm, the impact on HDL is far harsher relative to primobolan, you wouldn’t expect this as both are DHT derivitives that interact with the aromatase enzyme. You’d expect them to both fuck up HDL).

However lipids can probably be kept in line on 40mg mast/wk. On say 1-200mg/wk+ you’ll notice ratios will skew. HDL down, LDL slightly up etc

It’s 2-a methyl DHT. Methyl group at 2nd carbon position = drug isn’t substrate for 3a-hsd, so it should retain anabolic properties in skeletal muscle unlike DHT of which is converted into inactive metabolites before it reaches skeletal muscle.

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@studhammer has a great point. We had exactly the same problem conceiving our daughter. My wife had been on birth control for several years and it took a while to get pregnant.

Yes brother she was up until about 5 months ago.

But even then, its me because my count is zero.


Have seen his stuff, very interesting. I may just lower it to 1500iu eod.
Thank you for your continued input.

But was this to maintain the nuts or restart? I couldn’t imagine a dose that low waking up the testes from nearly a decade of sleep and atrophy.

On the flip side, HGH pumps are epic. Really enjoying them and it seems as though I am looking leaner, could be placebo as its only been a week. I remember @studhammer has extensive experience with low dose HGH. I’m on 2iu/d of UGL stuff and it does seem to be working already.



Fwiw, lower than that will plump me up in a few weeks. I think that was with like 250 iu EOD. I think with HCG, time is a big variable.

I think I am one of those under responders to hCG. It doesn’t seem to be doing much for me. To be fair, I think the first 2 months were useless as the high E was probably shutting me down and negating the hCG action, could this be possible?

My E has only come under control the past 3 weeks when i dropped my test dose.

At this point, I’m in talks with myself about coming off Test until she’s pregnant.


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Well i think now that you’ve been on the HCG for a while, it has at least “primed” you a little. So if you come off, hopefully it wont take very long to get her pregnant. Do what you have to do brother. I’ve read many stories of guys coming off TRT, having been on HCG, and once they added in clomid, they were pregnant very shortly after. Good Luck! Keep us posted.

Thank you brother!

Trying to keep my head straight. I may turn this into a test taper log.

Feeling abit tired at the moment. The clomid has started to give me the dull testes ache I experienced years ago when I used it. I’m not sure what it means but I can only imagine it could be good. Some sort of stimulation? I don’t know.

I will gradually taper the test down weekly. Fingers crossed.


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Just an update of sorts.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Ive gradually been tapering off, I’m now 3 days past my last shot of 15mg/15mg test p/mast p.

Current protocol:

3000iu hcg eod
50mg clomid ed
20mg nolva ed


  • morning erections have returned
  • libido 5/10 (this is an improvement)
  • mentally feeling good
  • testicle size seems to have increased


  • feeling very tired
  • DOMS a lot more pronounced

I know its early days but fingers crossed this holds out. If I can get away with just some tiredness it may be a success.