Singhbuilder's Fertility Log

Should call this the testicle size log.

Currently on TRT at 175mg/wk Test Cyp.

I am now trying for a baby so I will be documenting me progress (or lack of) here.

Current protocol is 3000iu hCG EOD and I must say testicle size is improving. They were raisin sized before and I would say now they are grape sized, with libido massively having improved.

Will keep you guys posted, I’m sure there are youngsters here on TRT who want to start a family at some point.



That is a lot of HCG. It seems like overkill to me. I get size improvement on 500 iu EOD really quickly. I bet you could take 1/3 and get the same results.

I feel there is a difference between “maintaining” testicular function and “restoring” testicular function.

500iu may very well maintain the testes for you but I feel you need a blast to get them back producing again from an atrophied state.

There is a study showing 3000iu eod was also most effective.



You’re trying to have a baby!! Wow, that is freaking awesome. Your life will never be the same. I think you’ll be a great Dad. I hope you have a little girl so she can wrap you around her little finger. LOL

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Man that’s an amazing thing to hear! Thanks brother!

Fingers crossed @studhammer

Update: Still hitting 3000iu eod, testes seem to be larger all the time now.


You going for a record or something? :joy:

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Now that your balls are bigger have you gone and tested your number of swimmers. That is what counts. I wish you luck Singhbuilder. Once you are old enough kids really are great and one day they will bring you Grandchildren and life really begins.

@studhammer Hey I’m just glad to see them hanging again after 6 years :smile:

Thank you @hrdlvn I do hope I become fertile so I can have children.
Currently only using hCG but I do have hMG should hCG not do the job which I will incorporate towards Xmas if no luck.

I will certainly get a sperm count done again soon, the previous 2 came back at zero, obviously.


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I hope the form mods will give me a bit of lea licence here.
You should call Defy Medical and talk with Dr Saya.
No one in this industry can help you more.

Fairly sure singhbuilder is UK based

Correct I’m in the UK and although we are good on the TRT side, probably not so much with regards to fertility.


@Singhbuilder how has your mood been since taking hcg?
I took hcg for a week and lost being dialled in quite some time ago as I had teste pain (varicocele).
Good luck on the journey, such a great experience being a dad. Im currently trying for my second, I’ll give it a few months before I consider hcg again, but if I do I’m gonna throw mast in to stop the negative moods I get from hcg.

@unreal24278 @Singhbuilder It’s a phone consult. I am pretty sure they will take your call. We all already know what drugs are available. It would just be a matter of talking with your PCP using Dr. Saya’s advice. It is just a suggestion I am not pushing, just have read a lot of good things about them all over the men’s health forums.

Problem is, as a UK based individual defy can’t give him a prescription for anything

Singhbuilder would have to go to balancemyhormones or something

Understood that was why I saidthe OP would have to work with his PCP in the UK to get the scrips. It is, what to take, when, and for how long. That is the info needed. I would also assume Dr. Saya would want sperm counts and blood tests. It is the knowledge and experience, not the drugs you are paying for in a consult like that.

My mood and libido is amazing on hCG. I try not to let myself get wrapped up in a good mood as I’ve learnt it’s temporary so I try to keep myself composed at all times.

So far the changes are still the same. Testicle size slightly larger but maintained.

Does anyone think my trt dose might be suppressing the effects of hCG or should it work?

I’m on 175mg test cyp/100mg EQ


I think it depends on how much of a hurry you are in. If in a big hurry, drop the EQ, and lower the test a bit. Otherwise, it will probably end up working over time with the HCG and the higher dosage and EQ.

No, shouldn’t have any negative effect on the hCG.

But what about suppressing his sperm production?

My TT is over range on 150mg/w
If I did 175mg test cyp/100mg EQ it would be off the charts.
HCG can only do so much.

I always thought when one wanted to have children they got off the juice and tried to restart/PCT not continue to cruise which is higher than TRT.

Everybody is different. He may indeed be off the charts, but he may also be sitting at 800, who knows (idk if he posted labs, just speaking to the generality of this statement)