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Anyone from singapore ard here? give a holler.

Hey, hi there. i’m from Singapore.
Nice to know there’s another t-man right here in obscure Singapore…

Hahaha, here’s another one.

me too

so what do you guys do 4 a lving?

training history? workoutat which gyms?

am a student in ntu. been training weights for about three years, so still pretty new to all this. I found out about this site two years ago through a friend, so maybe you can say I’ve only really been training seriously for two years???

Damn! Some of the exercises this site gets me to do really makes ppl stare at me in the gym…hahahah

I’m a civil servant and going 25 next month. Works out at the gym at my workplace.

I’ve beent training for 2 years.
lucky thing, the first few months of training, i stumbled upon this website.
and i never looked back.

T-mag all the way.

Here’s another